Breedables, Butterflies and a Chair

Another of the suggestions I was given to rediscover SL was to get involved in the Breedable pets program. I actually owned a few bunnies for a while some time ago, just after the bunny market collapsed and the horses were in their hay day (ha! See what I did there?) I was given a few bunnies as pets and I named them after my friends and paired them up to make babies which was amusing to me. Very quickly though it became apparent that the maintenance costs were going to kill me and I didn’t have enough prims to keep very many so I picked them up and they’ve been sleeping in my inventory ever since.

I did during that time attend a few horse auctions with my friend Kissie and when I watched the kind of money she was making I was very tempted to get a piece of that action for myself. When you hear stories of these breedables going for upwards of $10,000L a pop it’s hard not to get excited. What I learned from her though is she wasn’t sitting flush in SL. The cost of food, acquiring new breeding stock with the desirable traits, and paying for land to have enough prims to house them cuts out most of your profits. It’s also a lot of luck. Like the stock market in a way. If you hit the market just right, manage to breed something that has the traits that are hot at the moment you are golden. If you are a couple weeks late and the bubble has burst you are stuck with inventory you can’t offload. The allure of making money is there though, and it’s powerful, but it’s a lot like a lotto ticket from what I can tell.

Still, there is a certain appeal in collecting them, trying to breed qualities that you like and there is a whole community or subculture of sorts around these breedables so it’s a good way to meet people. Kissie has every kind of breedable there is and for this project she gave me a few butterfly pods of various types to get me started. I don’t know about you, but… they look like condoms to me. Or mythical manure.

So I dropped them down and clicked on them to get them started and out popped the butterfly babies. I had a moment, more than a moment, of panic while I while furiously typing away at her. “What do I do! What if they fly away!” She calmed me down and we got them sorted. She gave me a plant which is what they eat I guess and one of the butterflies is a “worker” which means it tends the plant, or something like that. This isn’t easy stuff! I have a folder full of notecards I need to read now to figure the difference between the priests and a worker, the different wing types, the different mutations. I don’t even know if I have good ones or not. It’s going to take about three days for them to start making babies so I’ll keep you posted.

I have this song stuck in my head now though.

Oh come on, you saw that coming!

Since I had time to kill waiting for the babies and it’s the weekend I thought I’d check out some of the sales. You know, 50L Friday, Project Theomery, Sunday 69 (what?  it’s a thing!)  there are so many. I usually read the SL Circadian to see what’s happening. Today’s Super Bargain Saturday post pictured a patchwork armchair at Sway’s that I had to have.

These sales are not only a great way to save money but you can discover a lot of new stores. I prefer to shop in world over the marketplace because I like to see the way the creators set up their merchandise. A lot of them have really amazing sims with fun things to do and discover. Sway’s is no exception. I could spend all day exploring there. I noticed they had a little art studio vignette set up, and apparently they were expecting me.

After playing with some animated teddy bears and lounging in a martini glass I found the Darling Patchwork chair. It was only 5 prims, 7 sits, and 60L. Score. The prims were the biggest factor for me. I got a premium account a couple of months back and bought myself my first ever little piece of mainland. It only cost me a couple hundred $L for a 512 and I can live tier free, the problem of course is the miniscule prim allowance. As it was I had to pick up a few things for my butterflies. So after a few moments of mental math… butterflies are 7 prim each which leaves me this much remaining, carry the one and YES! I have room for the chair.

You know, though I appreciate the new perks of premium living and plan to check out the premium only sandboxes, I’d really like a bigger starting land allowance. Heck, charge me an extra dollar a month and double my allotment. I’d buy more mainland, I’d buy more things for my home, the merchants would make more money… see how that works?

Rod, babe, have your people call my people. Or better yet, come over for a chat.  I’ll let you sit in the big chair.

So yes I’m back in my skybox again but it feels different. Maybe it’s the butterflies, maybe it’s the chair, but I’m guessing it’s just about perspective.


The SL Circadian

Papillon Breedables

3 comments on “Breedables, Butterflies and a Chair

  1. found ya! and ohhhh, Love this blog! for a while, I was purposefully visiting at least one non- rp sim a week to find something to explore. I think sometimes people forget to find the magic and enjoy the amazing creative spirit of SL. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Hollie! *hugs*
    Yes, you found me and I’m glad you are enjoying reading about my adventures.
    If you have some suggestions of places for me to check out, drop them on me inworld.

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