Papillon Adventures

As I mentioned in the last post, I had my first butterfly baby and it was born with rainbow wings, a rare mutation that could prove to be valuable.  In the days following, I spent most of my SL time learning more about these breedables and the traits and my little colony exploded to now a dozen!

As with any of the breedable pets, you are hoping to breed something that is either rare, valuable, or something that you enjoy collecting.  The papillon breedables have so many combinations of traits it can’t ever getting boring.  First is size and color, which are straight forward enough, and then there is wing type and class.  There are also mutations, which aren’t passed down genetically; they happen randomly though it seems you get better odds of having a mutation if you breed sibling pairs.

With over a dozen of these butterflies now I ran out of prim space on my land and a few of the ones that were born weren’t anything special or didn’t enhance my collection.  The creator thought of this though and provided a conversion system.  It’s like a credit card that you rez then click on your butterfly and “convert” it to points on the card.  The butterfly still exists in world, you can keep it as decorative toy or pick it up and store it in your inventory, but now you have points on the card you can trade in for gifts.  I don’t have enough points for gifts yet, but Kissie does and she traded in her points for butterfly avatars.  She got a few duplicates so she gave me one.

Check it out, this is me!

These flutters also come in classes like worker and princess, all of which do certain jobs in your garden.  Some increase social or health stats which makes them happier so they breed more, others tend to the plants so that the food lasts longer.  I’ve learned the plants and accessories play a big part too.  In fact, the whole concept is really a little eco system.  You get plants to feed the butterflies, the butterflies tend to them, and then you can add treats like sugar.  In addition to the butterflies, you can also breedable wisps and fireflies in the same interactive environment.  It’s a little confusing at first but you don’t need to understand it all to get started, and there is a good website that can be used as a reference.

 So if all of that wasn’t enough, these papillon butterflies come with an adventure hud game as well.  It’s included in the FREE pack of huds you can get at the main store, right next to the starter packs.  What is the adventure hud? Well, think Breedables meets Tiny Empires meets Farmville.  I know right?  And you wondered why I haven’t left my sky box all week!  They don’t actually go anywhere, you just wear the hud, click the flutter and then it starts telling you in chat about the adventures it is having.

 {Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Kissie begins an adventure!

{Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Kissie was ambushed by a lost wild dog! (8/6)

{Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Kissie managed to fend them off!

 {Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Kissie earned 298 XP and found 24 trinkets to sell.

 {Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Kissie was hunted by a grim skeleton! (11/9)

 {Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Kissie somehow managed to scare them away!

 {Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Kissie earned 501 XP and found 37 trinkets to sell.

It’s hilarious for me because I named by flutters after people I know.

{Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Ornias begins an adventure!

{Papillon} Adventure HUD: Log> Ornias stumbled across a perverted traveller, but didn’t have any baubles to sell!

Of course, Ornias WOULD stumble across a perverted traveller.

As it gains trinkets and gold you can use the hud to buy things for it, armor, weapons, accessories.  It doesn’t affect the butterfly in world, it doesn’t actually wear anything, but in the adventure game this increases it’s chances of surviving attacks and increasing in ranks.  I’m having WAY too much fun with this and I’m already on level 15.  Apparently a new version of the hud game is in the works and I can’t wait to see it.

 Somehow the week turned into Saturday and I realize that Oops, I haven’t left my skybox again.

The part from about 3:25 to 3:45 is just an amazing addition!  I suppose you could say it’s sort of my personal theme song.  What?  I’m not THAT innocent.

 As much fun as I was having wearing my butterfly avatar, choosing flutters to mate, seeing what babies I could create, and with the adventure game hud I knew that I was in danger of never getting to any of the other items in my SL bucket list or meeting any new people.  Just as I changed into real clothes and opened the search the group chat for the Papillon Traders opened up and announced that an auction was about to begin.  Talk about good timing! 

 I’d been to an auction for horses long ago, but I was there supporting Kissie, not really to buy anything for myself so this auction was a lot more fun.  I really enjoyed following the chatter, seeing all the other collectors, and listening to the auctioneer on voice.  It was too much fun, I was grinning for an hour, I even bid twice! Thank goodness someone outbid me because I can’t really afford to be buying more of these right now and I wasn’t even sure what I was doing, I just got caught up in the moment.  It was also interesting to learn what the market for these is like.  One butterfly with three mutated rare traits sold for 2300L.  That wasn’t a typical price, nor a butterfly you’d be able to produce easily or often, but still if I can manage to breed one of those it might make a nice little bonus side income.  After the auction was over I wandered some of the stalls and booths to see what was for sale and the prices of those.  I was surprised to see there are a lot more breedable pets than I realize, everything from meeros to cats.  I ended up finding a butterfly cocoon for only 75L that had some traits I don’t yet have in my collection so I bought it for breeding stock.

As I wrap up my exploration of the breedable pets subculture in Second Life I have to say I do finally see the appeal.  It is fun to try to collect rare ones, to chose pairs to mate, the excitement of waiting for a new baby to be born and of course the allure of making money off this.  I do recommend joining some of the many groups about breedables, especially for the pet you chose, otherwise you might find it a fairly solitary activity.  The papillon breedables group was extremely helpful the few times I asked stupid newbie questions, and the creator herself was quick to answer questions when I had a problem with one of them.  If you are going to get involved in the breedable pets market I do suggest the Papillon because it’s very reasonable to get started, you can get a starter pack of two butterflies and enough food to last them a couple weeks for under 300L.  There are also fairly low prim compared to some others and the maintenance costs seem to be considerably lower in the long run if you develop a garden for them.  The ability to convert the ones you don’t want into gifts and the adventure game hud are great perks. 

I couldn’t have done this without Kissie.  It’s not about her giving me a couple starters or the avatar, not about answering my panicked questions, it’s because she’s a better friend to me than I’ve ever been to her.  I don’t know what I did to deserve, strike that, I know I’ve never done anything to deserve her friendship but I am grateful.  Kissie is one of those people in my SL that’s just … well… normal.  There is a significant age difference between us, I should in theory play the big sister role but it doesn’t tend to work out that way.  Kissie is probably the most mature person on the entire internet.  Over the years we’ve been friends I’ve been honored that she trusts me enough to share some the things that have been happening in her RL.  I’ve watched this young woman grow and come into her own and finally be on the path to attain all the things she’s wanted and worked so hard to achieve.  Congratulations Kiss, you deserve all of it and so much more.

 Papillon Breedables Main Store

 The Breeders’ Borough Auction House and Market

 /me reaches into her bucket list “So… where to next?”

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