I decided to start this post with a picture, this picture in particular, because it pretty much captures how I feel after treading koolaid in a cup of crazy the last few days.

I belong to quite a few forums and online groups, mostly SL related.  Everything from sim specific, RP genre specific, to SL in general.  I’ve seen a lot of WTF in SL and Gor over the years and you don’t hang out on Plurk, Twitter, Fet or Literotica without having seen a thing or two, but the last few days have left me near speechless.  It normally annoys me when people play armchair cyber psychologist so I tend to avoid clinical terms, however when you see people using words like faggot, writing blog posts revealing real life information about SL residents, hacked accounts, alts, stalkers, surprise spouses, KKK, fake police, real FBI, forum posts wishing one could cut someone’s head off IRL and then next post giving away absurd amounts of money… well, we’re starting to move away from the category of quirky eccentricities.  In fact, discovering SL pixel porn movies was one of the most normal parts of this week.

Don’t worry, I’m fine. Nothing happened to me, RL is great and as usual I have no real drama in my SL.  That’s one convenient side effect of spending most of my time alone.  I was merely a witness to these various trainwrecks of absurdity.  Sure I weighed in on some of them (when don’t I LOL)  but it was more like when they interview witnesses or no!  More like when they interview the neighbor of a serial killer and the lady looks like she is in shock and keeps saying “I can’t believe it, they seemed like such nice people”. On the positive side, I learned two new terms this week: Sock Puppet and Meat Puppet. *shrugs*  

The good news is that the scent of coocoo in the air has given me this odd inspiration, and just in time too.  I got a notice that there was a photo contest for the Papillon Breedables group I’m in.  I’ve never participated in a photo contest so this seemed a perfect chance to strike another item off my to do list.  I figure everyone is probably going to do pretty, cute or mythical looking pictures so I decided to go in a slightly different direction.

I love that picture.  No really.  That probably is my favorite thing I’ve ever “created” in Second Life.  I’m oddly proud of myself.  I’ve never considered myself much of an SL photographer and have barely been able to edit a photo beyond cropping, but some of these turned out pretty darn good.  Artsy even!  I’ve heard creativity and insanity are linked, so maybe I’ve inhaled some of those fumes the last few days too.   I won’t submit it for the contest though, it’s supposed to be a contest about the butterflies and this picture seems to say anything but that.  I spent a good part of the day taking pictures and then experimenting with photoediting.  I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go but so far I’m pleased with some of the experiments.  I think I’ll be submitting this one for the contest.

I don’t expect I’ll win.  A good portion of the contest is based on the value of the butterfly itself and I’m sure many of the contestants will be entering some with higher point ratings than mine, but I had fun doing this and learned quite a bit.

So that’s why I haven’t been around much the last few days, I’m either glued to various forums shaking my head or watching tutorials about photoshop.  I have a busy week planned ahead though. I still want to head over to Burn2, my flutters are popping out cocoons like crazy and I need to figure out what I want to do with them, and I met Jack the rep for GOHA (global online hockey association) and I want to take in at least one SL hockey game if I can.  I’m actually looking forward to nice normal quiet week.

As for choosing a good theme song for this post?  There are so many songs about crazy but I’m crushing on Imelda lately so let’s go with Psycho.

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