Linx Arrives in Tarnwald and Meets Dust

After six weeks out of roleplay, I decided to pop onto my Gorean character and have a look at the new sim where she lives now.  I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go back to RP full time, I’m still not, but I was pleasantly surprised to be drawn into a story right away with an incredible roleplayer.  What better way to knock the “dust” off the old fingers?   It’s an usual post for this blog I suppose, to share my RP logs, but why not?

Intro – Linx finds herself alone on the docks, away from the bustle of the tavern, enjoying a rare solitary moment under the nights sky of her new home.

Linx shifts her weight from foot to foot, swaying slowly as her head tilts to one side. A slow smile curls up the corner of her mouth as if she her mind is lost in some secret memory. She raises her arms and gathers her hair up, holding it at the top of her head and letting the cool breeze brush against the back of her neck. She’s glancing up at the moons now, and her sway becomes a bit more pronounced, as if she’s near dancing by herself.

Dust watches her curiously as she gazes up toward the moons and begins to sway..there was something familiar in the way she did this.. and he had to smile as he understood what it was.. his own head tilted as his eyes took in the woman who had in his own thought..been free once.. free, and dangerous. He had to wonder how she felt about her new life..even if he didn’t care in the end what she felt, he did wonder what she thought.. he lowered his hand to his lap and took his own deep breath as he appreciated her movements..believing herself to be unseen.

Dust: he cleared his throat then so he could speak..and uttered to her in his ruined voice..”do you miss them”.

Linx lowered her hands and let her hair fall against her shoulders and cheeks. Her eyes were partially closed, lashes fluttering as her hands began to move down her body. Slowly, painfully slow she pressed them over her breasts forcing them down as her hips continued the sway. The hot flush rose on her cheeks and then she heard the voice. She froze, a shudder running through her body as she tried to compose herself before turning, but there was still a near feral look in her eyes “Miss who?”

Dust: his head tilted slowly to the other side as he regarded she stood there..caught off guard as she was..he saw the women under the one she presented..and had to offer a rare if small curl to his lips..what some would call a smile.. he spoke to her again answering her.. low toned..yet not missing a beat.. “the others of your band.. the ones you hunted with.. do you… miss them”.. that hoarse whisper of a voice not lacking curiosity.

Linx flinched as she noticed his smile, realized how much he had seen and the significance of his words. She shook her head, then lowered it, rising to look at him again only when she felt she had properly hidden it all but her smile seemed forced. “I never did formally join a band. I couldn’t risk it. There were a few that I had tentative alliances with but I was primarily a loner” she shrugged “I don’t miss them, no” answering but not completely answering, a habit she was good at.

Dust: he understood her reluctance to tell him the whole truth of it.. he had no idea what part of what she said was untrue..but he could tell she kept something close to her sleeve.. this would upset some men, but he understood survival all to well..and what it took to to just that.. someplace inside he almost admired her for having the guts to do so.. but that was an unconsious thought.. for now he would simply accept her answer and leave it be, why should he even care.. but he could not leave the whole conversation go..he was too curious now..and somewhat intrigued.. “then what is it you miss girl.. if not them.. is it the moons..the trees.. “..he coughs as his voice runs out..and then continues..”or is it the hunt you miss.. that..I could not blame you for..”

Linx studies him and begins to pace, lifting a hand to take a single curl and wrap if around her finger over and over again as she tried to read his intentions. Her eyes were narrowed, cautious, and in that moment although he was seated and she was pacing it was clear who was stalking who. Her chest rose and fell as her breath quickened and she swallowed hard to push down the panic. Few, very few, ever questioned her, ever took a moment to see beyond her coin box and it had been so long she had forgotten how to side step the questions or perhaps no longer wanted to. “The hunt, yes. The feel of my bow on my back, my dagger… here” and with that she ran her fingers along her thigh, over her an old and long healed brand. Shaking her head again to clear those thoughts she flashed him her best most practiced smile, placing her hand on hip and waving a hand dismissively “But what important are the musings of slave girls. Can I get you a drink Master?”

Dust: he nods to her and lowers one of his hands..waving it idly toward the opening of the den.. his voice still low.. although to be truthful it would never bellow again despite any effort..if he had such intention.. “a bottle of paga.. ” he answered simply..not nearly over with his talk with her.. but allowing for her to collect herself some..and fetch his drink.

Linx nodded and gave him one last glance over her shoulder, an unspoken, an unspeakable look of gratitude as she went inside to get his paga.

Linx stopped in front of the counter and placing both hands on it she bent over and hung her head, breathing deeply through her nose and exhaling slowly past pursed lips. “Don’t do this” she chastised herself and then stood and straightened her back reaching for a bottle almost angrily.

Linx took a moment to adjust her camisk, tugging it this way and that not to cover herself but to show more cleavage and a little extra of her rounded thigh. She reached for a bowl and walked out of the tavern.

Linx stood before him with a wicked grin, cocking her hip she held her arms out, the bottle in one hand the bowl in the other “Shall I open it and pour for you Master? Or do you prefer to do it yourself?” If he didn’t know better, if he hadn’t seen her earlier, nothing about her might seem beyond the ordinary average tavern girl.

Dust: could faintly hear her as she rummaged for something..and noticed as she walked back out that she was bringing him a bowl as well.. he reached for it without saying a word and took it in his hand as if plucking a flower..and tossed it back into the den unceremoniously.. he then plucked the bottle from her fingers and motioned her to to floor near him.. he spoke then.. “what you will do is keep me some company while I drink.. “.. and moved his hand to open the bottle

Linx followed the bowl with her eyes and watched it hit the floor inside. She chuckled and made no move to retrieve it or clean up. She inclined her head politely as he made his request, as if the exchange between them was somehow formal and she had the option of granting his request by choice. With one hand on the crate for balance she lowered and knelt, leaning back on her heels to make herself comfortable before looking up at him. “I can’t sing and I’m terrible at jokes Master. I usually provide company naked and on my back. Did you have something else in mind?” she winked at him saucily, hoping that their earlier conversation was behind them.

Dust: his eyes followed her through her charade without emotion as he took a drink from the bottle.. he did once more openly appraise her body, as would any man presented with such in his view.. as he lowered the bottle from his mouth he regarded her for a moment longer and then reached into his coin pouch.. he pulled out 4 copper bits..and motioned her closer to him saying “I don’t need songs,,or jokes.. or a dance… ”

Linx placed her hands on the wooden planks and leaned forward, giving him a full view down her camisk at her cleavage, and bringing her coin box closer to him. She glanced up at him with a raw openness that she rarely allowed herself “Then what is it you need Master?” the question was loaded, but it wasn’t part of her act. The mood that had compelled her to dance on the docks earlier still had her in it’s grip.

Dust: he dropped the coins into the box one by one..allowing each to come to full rest before dropping the next.. as he did this he leaned closer himself and looked her unabashedly in her eyes.. his voice was ruined and not pretty, but it was also not threatening.. he had no use or need to act in such ways anymore..the days of youth and unsurety long since passed..”we will talk.. this is what I wish.. you are not like others.. you interest me.. and I would talk with you. “.. as he finished speaking..he lifted the bottle again and took a drink..and then offered it to her.. it was not a request..and he made that clear as he pressed the bottle slightly against her cleavage..”drink”..

Linx reached down to take the bottle from his hand and lifting to him as a toast she brought it to her lips and took a long swallow. She had little reaction to it, no grimace, just wiped her lips with the back of her hand as if she’d done this a million times. She held the bottle for a time and rocked back on her heels as she pondered. “I am not like others, no, but this was not something you were meant to see. The collar entitles any free to treat me however they wish, use my body as they wish, kill me if they wish, but my mind and my heart are my own. If those are what you want access to, they don’t come at the price of a coin in a box” She glanced up, aware that her words were inappropriate, but there were some things her slavery couldn’t change about her. “I will talk to you as a woman, to a man. Not a slave, to a Master”

Dust leans back in the the chair and watches her take a decent pull from the bottle..his brow lifted in approval.. he moves to rest one of his arms against the armrest of the chair ..and places the hand against his face..index finger splayed and tapping at his cheek.. he listens to her words and nods slowly.. “very well then.. so tell me…woman..what is your name so I know who I speak with..” he asks this knowing she had already told him her given name..and was curious to know if she had another.. he coughs slightly to gain his voice again and continues.. “and tell me, why would you think I wish to take your mind..or your heart..or anything from you for that matter”… his eyes never leaving her as he speaks..

Linx widened her eyes and looked at him in complete shock.  She really had expected a different reaction, one that would have ended the conversation right there and had her nursing an ugly welt if not more.  “ugh…” lost for words was something she rarely was so she took another long pull off the bottle and then held up her arm to him to give it back “My name is really Linx.  I called myself that when I first ran to the forest.  Victor, my owner, he took it from me and gave it back as my slave name”   she tried to cover how much that shook her up “I figure that’s what you want because men come in three categories.  Those who don’t notice me, those that want inside my body, and those that want inside my head.”

Dust: he half shrugged but not in indifference…it was simply a movement one has when disregarding part of a given answer.. he takes a breath and lets it out as he leans only slightly to take the bottle back and lift it to his lips.. after a drink..he sets it against the arm of the chair and rights himself into a half slump…relaxed.. “very well.. Linx it is..”..he takes another drink still watching her and adds.. “there is a fourth kind of man.. one who wants to know things about those he finds interesting..”.. he coughs to gather his voice again.. “you..are interesting to me.. I know somewhere behind that smile is a woman who..perhaps not long ago.. had her own reasons for losing herself in the sky.. as I have been known to do..for different reasons..”..

Linx spread her legs slightly, not seductively, just to get more comfortable. Though kneeling was something she did often, holding a perfect position was straining and letting her legs carry more of her weight eased that. The alcohol was relaxing her already as well and she laughed at his comment “I find you interesting too, Master” her smile, like her laugh, was genuine this time. She nodded in agreement of his assessment, sighing wistfully “I had reasons for losing myself in the sky, in the forest, in the disguises I wore when I snuck into small towns that bordered the forest. I have reasons now to lose myself in this” she curled her fingers and flicked at the bell on her coin box.

Dust: he nods and chuckles very softly…almost to himself..this he understood.. he takes another drink and then leans to hold the bottle back out to her saying in that voice which sounds like gravel being ground together.. “hiding yourself..even from an art some of us have become.. well versed in.. would you agree Linx”.

Linx reaches up to take the bottle and holds it a moment too long with arm outstretched as the weight of his words hit her. Perhaps it was the effect of his voice, or the strange mood this night had her in, but for a moment it seemed he knew too much and her arm trembled. “Aye Master. I would agree. The risk of hiding so well is that you sometimes forget how to find yourself” she made a strangled sound close to a sob and then quickly brought the bottle to her lips and tilted her head back for a long drink. When she lowered it again, she held it in two hands, staring down at it and not risking a glance up or trusting her voice to say more.

Dust: he took the bottle back from her hands..noting her unease.. he had a brief moment of feeling he should leave her alone to collect herself.. but then thought better of it.. it would not serve her at all to get used to that kind of relief.. “Don’t fear that Linx.. the way back home always becomes clear when the journey needs to end..”… he drinks again and touches her face with the tips of his fingers for an ihn only..before sitting back in the chair again.. “so tell me woman of the woods.. home for you to return too.. the forest.. or that collar on your neck..”

Linx barely moved when he took the bottle from her hands but when she feels the tips of his fingers on her cheek a shudder goes through her body. She rubs one hand over her forearm, to counter the tiny hairs that stood on end, and then pulled at her camisk to better cover the involuntary hardening of her nipples. “Therein lies the issue Master, exactly that. Neither suit me completely, both have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day a woman here cannot have both. Not even a free woman of standing. Most would agree that I’m suited to the collar, and I rarely do much to convince them otherwise anymore”

Dust: he nods at her answer..and would have to agree.. but then again he was a gorean man and felt many women would be better suited for the collar.. this did not mean he felt them less of a woman..or a person for that matter.. he only understood his own nature to desire a slave more than a free woman..because a slave would..and could..share all of herself.. which then allowed the man to do the same.. “I believe you are suited to the collar Linx.. it is clear that part of you at least desires to feel that freedom.. it is likely the same part that enjoyed the freedom you felt in the forest as well..”.. he swallows as his voice gives out..takes a drink..and continues again.. “both are freedoms of the heart and mind.. not so much the body.. and while any free can demand service from you..they cannot demand your will to also always your own free choice..”

Linx looks up when his voice gives out, a passing look of concern on her features that eases when he begins to speak again. She kneels before him giving him her undivided attention, no plots brewing in the back of her mind, no ruses or ploys or masks, simply the woman she is in this moment for some reason she herself hasn’t allowed herself to question. She frowns as he says the last, drawing her bottom lip behind her top teeth and biting down to chew in thought. “Master….” there is a subtle change in the way she says it, one she couldn’t consciously do if she tried “Why are you telling me this? These aren’t the lessons most men teach slave girls. These aren’t the things we’re supposed to think about”

Dust: he looks at her as she kneels there..his own thoughts not contriving or plotting.. just simply sharing his thoughts with another in a way he had not done in too many years..since before his life became a dark shadow of its former self..before his body had been broken..his throat slit.. and left for dead by the hand of the one he sought doggedly even now.. he answered her evenly.. “I am not teaching you anything Linx..this is not a lesson.. it is only words you yourself already know and understand..well.. you need no lesson from me on such things.. do you..”..this last wasnt a question at all.. more of a statment of what he believed to be fact.

Linx looked over her shoulder as the man from earlier drew the slave into the tavern. Her attention was drawn back to the one in front of her when he spoke again, and she never took her eyes off him as she took in his words. She shook her head slow from side to side, still keeping her eyes fixed on his . “You are correct Master. There was nothing in your words that I didn’t already know, even if I rarely think on them, and never risk speaking.” She lifted a hand to her face, drawing with her finger on her cheek an imitation of his own scars “Might I ask about them Master? Courage scars?”

Dust: he takes another drink..the bottle more than half empty now..and hands it back to her once again.. his free hand lifts to his face and he traces the scars there with his fingers.. “the for courage.. the rest..are for other deeds.. things important only to the one who wears them..and the one who gives them..and those who know their meaning.. “..

Linx takes the bottle and another long drink, the alcohol was most certainly affecting her to have made her ask such blunt questions. She leaned forward to return the bottle, high on her knees and her hand outstretched for a moment and hovered over his face as if she might herself trace them but then she pulled it back. “I would like to have such scars. Maybe not there…” she chuckled “But something visible. Something that only I knew what it meant”

Dust: he has to smile that small cornered smile once again when she says this.. as he takes the bottle..and feels her as close as she was.. he had a brief twinge from her scent.. he drank to regain his thoughts..and answered her.. “marks such as these are dangerous to get Linx.. they are cut deeply..and packed with colored bosk dung..and then closed.. many men die just from the infection that can come from it.. I would suggest..another method..for such a pretty woman..”.. he coughed again..and took another drink..

Linx placed her hand on the arm of his chair when he took the bottle back, and stayed high on her knees, as close to him as she could get without touching him. “I’ve been cut deeply” her voice lowering “Perhaps I bear scars after all, they just aren’t as visible” the corner of her mouth curled up much as his had “I suppose that’s a good though right? It would be hard for me to earn my quota if they did”

Dust: he tilts his head some and reaches to brush some of her hair from her face.. looking at her closely.. and then runs one of his palmed down her side along her curves.. looking her over as he does.. and then sits back again.. “I would say you have little difficulty earning your coin Linx.. if you were in the wagons..I would wager for you..”

Linx responds to his touch as naturally as he might expect, leaning into his hand, the very muscles of her body relaxing in waves as his hand moves down her side. When he leans back she still doesn’t move, doesn’t touch him, nor pull away. High on her knees as she was on the wooden planks would be the most uncomfortable she could probably get but she never made a move to lower herself. “I do usually make my quota, and I was lucky last night. One of the men paid a full silver for an unusually harsh use and certain irregular extras so I’m not under as much pressure tonight” she tilted her head then “Wager for me?”

Dust: he nods and drinks again..almost finishing the bottle..and handing it back to her.. it had of course been a compliment..and one he had given a few days before to another girl of this village.. not as a blanket statement.. he never said things he did not mean .. “In the wagons..when a man sees a slave he wants.. he will wager for her.. it can be a wager over many things.. with the winner if the wager earning the girl.. some wagers have been as serious as death..and yet others as slight as predicting the number of seeds in a tospit..”

Linx took the bottle and started to drink but when she heard him she quickly lowered the bottle. She tilted her head in puzzlement, a brow raising and then she chuckled “Why not just buy a slave you want? Not that buying makes sense either when you can have use of so many public slaves. I’ve never heard of wagering for a slave” she did lift the bottle then and take a long drink, careful to leave just enough so it couldn’t be said she finished it. “Perhaps one day I’ll tell you about the wager I made. Using Tospit no less. A wager for my freedom”

Dust: he reaches and takes the bottle back from her ..and drains the contents.. as he tosses it aside he leans and places a single kiss on the side of her neck..his lips brushing her skin.. he whispered then near her ear.. “I will enjoy that story.. woman from the woods”.. he leans back then and moves to stand.. as he looks down at her from there he reaches and touches her face once more.. “you have earned your coin well with me Linx.. and you have pleased me..”..he looks up at the moons which still hang in the sky and then back to her.. “never forget how to dance”..he says..and then begins to wander toward the dock to find a semi dry place to sleep..

Linx placed her hand over the spot where he had kissed and slowly stood. “Thank you Master. It was a pleasure to serve”

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