When I started this project and asked for ideas of things to do in SL, the suggestion of doing hunts was brought up.  I have done various SL hunts before, off and on, it’s a great way to supplement one’s inventory if you are on a budget, but I never seriously considered it in any other light.

Depending on the hunt, it can sometimes be quite a time commitment to go to over a hundred stores, find the item, unpack it, sort it, but if you think of the hunt as an activity, something to do in SL, that becomes half the fun.  It’s not really about the gifts, though some of them are great, it’s more about the experience, discovering new places and if you join the groups you can meet all sorts of other hunters who do this as an almost full time hobby in SL.  Quite a lively bunch some of them are.

There is always a hunt of some sort going on in SL and I found the best way to keep track of them was  through the SL Freebie Hunters site.  http://slfreebiehunters.blogspot.com/  They do a good portion of the hunts and then show the items available.  There have been times where I just went to pick up one or two items from the stores I usually shop at, but taking the time to do the whole list you can discover hidden gems you’ve never been to before.

This time around I decided to do the Zombie Popcorn Hunt that you can read about here http://zombiepopcornsl.com/zombiepopcorn-hunt/zombiepopcorn-hunt-5/

I really got a kick out of trying on all the items I found, and certainly wished I had more prims to use some of the great props and household items I picked up.  The look I came up with, combine with the upcoming Halloween season inspired me to try my hand once again at a photoshoot.


After visiting a handful of Halloween or horror sims and taking pictures, I realized I felt I was being a bit too literal with it.  I imagined taking my zombie girl and placing her somewhere out of context would make for more interesting pictures.  This being my feeble attempt at “art”.

The first name that comes to mind for my when I think of SL Art, or sims in which to photograph SL Art, is Bryn Oh.  If you aren’t familiar with her work, have a look at her website. http://brynoh.blogspot.com/

So I took my zombie character and brought her to Immersiva http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immersiva/28/126/21

The starkness and surreal nature of the build really inspired me.  I must have filled my desktop with various photographs and I could have gone on for hours more.  I stopped to see what I had and this one jumped out at me right away.


I think I will call it `The Elephant in the Room`

Overall I have to say doing this hunt, especially with a new purpose of not only getting free stuff, but of exploring and socializing, was a lot of fun.  I think I will plan to incorporate maybe one hunt a month into my SL time.   The spin off effect of it inspiring me to do a photoshoot again was a bonus, but I am glad it did.  I am really liking this idea of exploring my creative side.   If you are looking for things to do, try your hand at a hunt, and definitely visit Immersiva, even if you’ve been there before.  If I’m reading Bryn’s blog correctly, the build that is there now won’t be for long.

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