Needful Things

No this isn’t another blog post about how I need more prims.  Well, ok, maybe a little bit LOL

One of the stores in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt I mentioned in the previous post is called Needful Things.  A clever name for a store really and it reminded me of the book of the same name that I read some time ago.  Though the store is super cute with some really fun things that I do in fact need to have, I was inspired to take a photo of it that was a bit darker, something that captured the vibe of the Stephen King book.

I’m experimenting with shadows and Depth of Field so this seemed like a good opportunity.  Depth of field can be a subtle effect and I’m still learning about the different sliders so  you might not be able to really see it here.  Basically the focus is on the  jackolatern pumpkin head dude and not on the foreground, so the balloons are slightly out of focus.  

See it now?  How about now?  LOL  Like I said, it’s subtle, and I’m still learning so there is some room for improvement.

In any case, semifailed photography experiment aside, I was thrilled when I discovered Needful Things.  I did know that when I saw the dozen or so group gifts I needed them.  It only cost $70L to join the group and the gifts more than made up for it.  Yes, I did need a lip piercing shaped like a garden watering can.  The Slushie Slurpie?  Why yes, I needed that too!  It’s strange now that my avatar isn’t a roleplay character I don’t know her style, what she looks like, she’s sort of a blank canvas to me.  I can read blog posts or see things in stores and immediately think “Oh that’s perfect for Linx” or sometimes “I have to get that, it’s totally Sorpa” but now that I’m just me?  That I can be anything?  I have no clue! 

I have gravitated to paler skins and more often than not am wearing neko ears and a tail, but my look totally changes every day, right down to shape.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, sometimes we get stuck in a rut of how we see our avatar or character and don’t explore a fraction of the possibilities out there so I’m enjoying recreating her every day.

It does make it tricky to shop though.  Ask me where to get a camisk and I’ll be full of ideas.  Medieval  Fantasy gowns?  No problem, I got you covered.  Now though?  Where there is no limitation to what I wear or where I shop?  Dammed if I know where to start.  The fashion feeds help a bit, I do occasionally see something and go look at the store and it feels like “me” though I couldn’t possibly tell you what that criteria is. 

A good example is Miel.  Love, love, love Miel.  I’m actually glad that I’m not roleplaying as often anymore because it gives me ample opportunity to wear things from there now.   Miel is getting in the Halloween season spirit as well and the subscribomatic gift if this adorable pumpkin outfit and hat.  I think it went well with the zombie popcorn hunt prize I got at Needful Things which is a tattoo that says “Beware of me.  I’m very scary”.   I took a bunch of pictures but this one turned out sort of strange. Again me playing with shadows and this one could be called a mistake but … I like something about it.


I know right?  Despite the sort of darker pictures I’ve been showing of my avatar in previous posts I don’t actually look like a psycho zombie day to day.  For some reason I’m gravitating towards cutesy/dorky.  I think I’m just slutted out to be honest and enjoying discovering my inner geekette.

So as I tour around SL trying out some of the corn mazes before the season wraps up, looking like a pumpkin, my thoughts turn back to Needful Things, the phrase anyway.  What are the things we need in SL?  Are there any really?  Or are they just wants?  I do think there are certain things I need in an RP sim or genre, probably certain things I need in order to consider someone a friend, definitely things I need in a partner.  I suppose one needs animations for their AO, personally I need hair LOL though some go bald quite well.  Almost daily I say I need more prims, but I do realize that’s a want, no one is forcing me to house and breed my flutters.

Speaking of… I went to another Papillion Auction at The Borough on Saturday.  Someone remind me next time to take a chaperone.  I was bad, very very bad.  Twice there were lots up for bid that were within my budget, both times I bid, only to lose to this guy, the same guy who outbid me each time at previous auctions I’ve gone to.  I’m sure he’s a delightful man, but man alive… grrrr.  Anyway, half way through the auction this amazing pair comes up.  They have incredible genetics, and something about them I just NEED to have.  So as the bid starts $900, $1000, $1100…. Eeeee it’s THAT GUY bidding again!  I felt like I was in an episode of Storage Wars.  Does anyone else watch that?

Long story short, the pair now live in my skybox with me.

Did I need them?  Um… well, let’s just say they were worth it.  Sooo, sooo very worth it.  In ways that don’t need to be discussed here and probably are only funny in my own imagination, but I know and that’s more than enough.

Needful Things


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