I knew this would happen.  I find myself so distracted by the things I’m doing I forget to write about the things I’m doing.  Oh well, it’s not like I have a deadline or anything.  I just write this for me, for both current and future me.  Not only does the premise behind the Renoobed project give me a reason to explore a bunch of new things in SL, but future me can look back later and see the progress and as a memory keep sake of sorts I guess.  Imagine if we had all kept a journal of our time in Second Life, right from day one, the hilarity of the pictures alone would have been worth it.

It’s driving me crazy though that I have a bunch of pictures saved to my desktop and a few posts half drafted in my head so I should try to document a few of the things that have happened the last two weeks.  When I first wrote about this Renoobed project idea on one of the forums I belong to I was introduced to Jack Belvedere of GOHA, the Global Online Hockey Association.   Jack is sort of the founder, organizer, guy in charge… I’m sure he probably has an official title but damned if I know what it is so I’m dubbing him “Jack the GOHA dude”.

I do believe I went to a hockey game in SL once years and years ago, but it had been so long and I didn’t really know anyone involved then so I’ve found it fascinating talking to Jack about the history of GOHA, which you can read more about here http://www.globalonlinehockeyassociation.com/league/page.aspx?PageID=264

Last week Jack wrote a post about the upcoming opening of SL’s Phantom of the Opera production.  Immediately I knew this would be ideal for my Renoobed project so I hit his IMs to as about it.  He couldn’t talk though, as he was warming up to play a game.  Talk about perfect timing so I rushed right over to watch his game.


If you’ve ever spent any time in a hockey arena in RL, you’ll immediately feel at home here.  They have uniforms for the teams, score boards, referees, and despite whatever hud system they might use for this, I didn’t find it too laggy.  The only issue I had is that people’s skates wouldn’t rez for me for some reason but I went ahead and took pictures anyway.  They didn’t have announcers for this particular game, but it was still a lot of fun, even if Jack looks so serious.

I found the game easier to follow than I did the football game, partially because I’m more familiar with hockey perhaps, but I think it’s because the puck has this indicator on it so it’s easy to follow. 

As you can see from these pictures, Male, Female, Furry, Elven, all are welcome.  The players themselves look like a bunch of really fun people, and this really felt like a community not just a sport.  Win or lose, how can you not have a good time watching this?

 I went down to the rink surface to talk to Jack and his team after the game, and look what I found?

That’s right, a schedule rookie time and free equipment if anyone wants to stop in and try it out.  The times don’t work well for me, but if I ever do happen to find myself online and in SL on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon I’m definitely going to go try to play one game.   

Now call me crazy, but I got this other idea… You see the teams in GOHA are actually adopted by communities, which you can read about here http://www.globalonlinehockeyassociation.com/league/page.aspx?PageID=4602

How fun would it be to have an SL Gorean Hockey team, or any roleplaying team, to play in this league?  We could go out and cheer for them as a group, have rivalries with other RP sims and in turn it’s a fun way to promote our own communities and have time together.  I may have to hit up some friends about this, I think it could be fun.

If you are looking for something to do in Second Life, a way to meet people and get involved in a community, I definitely recommend GOHA, either as a fan or a player.

Check out the game schedule here


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