Dates, Dates and more Dates

Welcome to Day 1 of what I’m affectionately going to call Hell Week.

I could, and probably should, wait until it’s over to post but I’m going to document this “live” and see what happens.  If I make a fool of myself, oh well, won’t be the first or last time.

By some strange twist of fate the period of Nov 14 to 22 marks several, a disproportionate number in fact, of major events in my life.  Perhaps it’s just me, or perhaps in general it’s more women than men who mark certain “dates” in their lives, but I do it a lot and it’s no different in SL.  Whether it be a first meeting, a first kiss, a first scene, a birthday, a special occasion, a good bye… I often make note of dates and celebrate them.  There is no possible way I’m not going to be reminiscing about some of those events and people during this week but I actually thought I was doing pretty well with it all as I watched the calendar creep closer and closer.

I heard this song the other day and I did pay attention to the lyrics but I thought it was sort of catchy, not that depressing really, so I went to look at the video.

Well, I couldn’t stop crying.  Not necessarily about any lover past or present, it’s the video, really.   Her face from about 3:10 onwards, the way she just drops at about 3:50, and then the Johnny Cash at the end?  Ugh, gut punch.  It’s not just me right?  Come on, this video really got to you didn’t it?  Hmmm Well perhaps I am a wee bit sensitive this week after all.

Luckily for me I have a lot of ridiculous people in my life and a couple of stubborn mules who don’t let me sulk and get on my case if I’m in my skybox alone.  Even though for the most part I haven’t confided in many of them about everything coming up this week, and I consider myself an expert at the dodge and weave when I’m asked about me or how I’m doing, there seems to be this grid wide conspiracy to distract me or make me laugh.  Bastards.

Even something as simple as going to an auction with Kismet and then having her invite me to the Butterfly Preservation Society meeting.  I’ll stop there, while you laugh, because I sure as heck did.  Or other friends (nameless for their protection) who randomly link me music (ok porn) and even bless them, give me cute nicknames like cockcozy.  Ah, what would my SL be like without you guys.

Then of course there is my buddy Ice, who has sort of turned into my room mate.  Ice is homeless in SL as he retires his character and creates a new one for a new RP genre so he asked me a couple weeks ago if he could park his marketplace servers or whatever they are in my sky box until he gets settled.  I said sure, as long as he doesn’t go over 4 prims, I’m so generous aren’t I?  Well not only has he put his boxes at my place, but he logs in and out from there too. 

Now he and I are on complete opposite time zones, only being online together for 10 or 15 minutes here or there, but I keep warning him that he really shouldn’t just log in on me like that because we’re going to have an awkward moment one of these days.  I don’t mean just seeing me naked, anyone who has roleplayed with me has probably seen my avatars naked, but there are other more, how should I word this?  Well other more adult content awkward moments he or I could potentially log in to.  What?  It could happen! 

So he logs into the skybox yesterday as I was standing there doing nothing really, just staring at my flutters thinking up breeding strategies and he made a comment about me having changed my skin.  I turned around to tell him why I had a new skin and saw this.

A dancing Santa in a thong.  For real?  I don’t know about you guys, but not even I can manage emo in moments like that.  It’s just too funny that he somehow took my concerns about us having an awkward moment and turned it around to make me laugh, but he and I really do need to come up with some sort of system one of these days.  It’s not like college, SL doesn’t have an equivalent of a sock on the door handle.

He made me realize that perhaps the best way to fight fire is with fire.  So, since I’m staring down the throat of a week of difficult dates, why not make some new dates?  Clever huh?  I know. I bet you wish you had thought of that, but feel free to use it as needed if this actually works.

Forging ahead with a new plan I have a couple “dates” planned this week.  One with a remarkable roleplayer and storyteller who recently managed to pry out of me the types of RP I’m interested in but don’t currently have going on.  He knows me well, understands that roleplaying and writing is a cure for anything that ails me, so when I told him about how I was feeling about this upcoming week he proposed to meet, new characters, new place, and begin to write those stories.  Now I’ve had these offers from others before, often in fact, but I have this strange luck that if you plan something with me, something catastrophic will likely happen to you.  An emergency at work and your boss will ask you to stay late or the whole weekend, your computer will blow up, a tornado will wipe out the power to your city… No really, I should wear caution tape!  Just this past Friday I had plans to start a new story with someone, we’d talked about it all week, set the date and time and made sure I was there but… well… four hours later LOL he still wasn’t online.  Anyway this time though, this time I just can’t help but think that it will actually happen so I’m letting myself be just a bit excited about this, to actually look forward to something even though that tends to be against my rules it might be worth it.  Free falling into a story, losing myself in a character, is like a drug that no matter how many fun things I find to do in Second Life will always have it’s place with me.  It’s pretty hard to think about anything else when you’re immersed.

I was trying to explain that the other day to one of my non roleplaying friends, the one who factors into the other date I planned.  He asked me why I roleplay, what I get out of it, and I told him that’s easy, the immersion.  He wasn’t sure what I meant, because wasn’t being in SL already a form of immersion?  Well it is, for sure, but roleplaying is like one step further, double immersion.  Heh heh, that sounds kinky.

As I mentioned in my last post, an SL Phantom of the Opera Production is coming up this week, and yours truly has an RSVP’ed balcony seat.  I was planning to go alone, because… well… the whole point of my Renoobed project has been doing things in SL when you are alone and how to meet new people and get involved in new communities and activities.  It seemed kind of cross purposes to invite people to do things with me, whether that be a Hockey Game, dancing at Organica, exploring Sims, or even this performance, I felt like I had to do them by myself.  Somehow he managed to convince me I don’t have to do everything alone, that I could involve my friends in my activities, that just because I don’t necessarily have a “some one” didn’t mean I had to actively orchestrate having no one.  There seemed to be some merit to that, or perhaps I just actually would like some company.  I can’t deny that one of the best parts of discovering new things in SL is having someone to talk to about those things.  Whatever the reason, I asked him to join me.  I can’t remember the last OOC “date” I’ve had, well I can, but we’re trying not to think about that remember?

It turns out he has his own way of doing immersion, an OOC immersion, but I think he’s very on to something.  I wasn’t planning on doing anything special before going to this performance, just showing up, but he said no no no, I HAD to dress up.  We had to make a whole night out of this, we were going to the opera after all, we had to go in style.  He was right but I didn’t have anything really formal, it just hasn’t come up a lot in Gor.  I’ve been having a fair bit of fun trying to find something Opera appropriate that fit in my budget.  I finally did and putting it on and getting dressed up felt pretty good really.  He didn’t come shopping with me, but he did tell me not to get jewellery, that he has that covered…



I was already excited enough about this performance, I don’t think I’ve been to anything like it in SL, but he’s really going all out to make this a big deal for me, a speical night over and above seeing Phantom of the Opera.  I have to admit I’m pretty lucky to have friends on both sides of the RP fence who would go to all this effort. If I wasn’t such a dumbass I probably would have said something to someone sooner, or to more people, and I wouldn’t have built up this whole hell week phobia in my head to begin with. 

I’m dying to post a picture of the dress, and tell you where I got it, but he hasn’t seen it yet and doesn’t want to.  He wants it to be a surprise.

Is this the part where I can giggle?  I’m far far too old to giggle, but really, this feels like one of those moments.  I have to say, if all I get out of this week are a few giggles, that’s far far better than the alternative.

2 comments on “Dates, Dates and more Dates

  1. *gears up to send you more porn LOL*

    And wow, it’s really sweet that he (your non-r/p friend) did all that for the date!!! The girly part of me (that doesn’t really see the light of day very often) got a little swoony about the jewelry and the carriage and the dressing up part, got to admit. XD

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