Are you freaking kidding me?

Shush.  It took me two days to come up with that clever title if that gives you any indication how my week is going.  I will get to the post about the Phantom of the Opera in a bit here, but first let me tell you how the night started out.

Remember I said I asked a non roleplaying friend to be my date?   And how I’ve been talking to him about immersion in Second Life?  Well, I guess he was listening.  An hour before the show was to begin he sent me a teleport request and then told me to count to 5 before accepting it.  Fair enough.  So I count and then take it and I arrive to find myself in a skybox.  I’m standing on a turn of the century New York street in front of a row of brownstones.  And then he pulls up…

Then he proceeds to tell me he built the entire vignette just so the he could pick me up like this for the Opera.  I’m glad he sent the teleport an hour before the show, because I spent about 20 minutes sitting in the buggy and laughing.

We get word half an hour before the show that the doors are open and we can come take our seats.  I was already giddy by then, so walking into the theater and getting the program hud is sort of a blur.  We walked up the stairs to the balcony and…

I spent the next three hours not talking to him other than brief moments of inspired and witty conversation like


THAT’S how good this performance was. I know, I know, I go on and on about all the fun things I’ve discovered in SL since starting this project, and how much I love roleplay, but I’m serious. The Ravenswood Theatre Company’s production of Phantom of the Opera was probably the single most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in Second Life. Bar none. I had chills. Take my butterflies and auctions, all my years in roleplay, the football and hockey, Burn2 and put them all in a horse drawn carriage and it STILL wouldn’t leave me as speechless and impressed as this one performance did.

It deserves it’s own post, and that’s coming up next.

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