Just a Doll

I confess.  I hadn’t really jumped on the mesh bandwagon.  I did install a viewer that can see mesh, just so that I can view people and things the way they were meant to be, but I haven’t gotten anything mesh for myself.  I’ve just been sort of “meh… whatever” about the whole thing really.

Then I started reading about the Mesh avatars from Doll Coco.  http://cocorolemon.blogspot.com/

They remind me of Angelina Wrona’s artwork.  A haunting beauty that I had to check out for myself.

The bodies are free, there is a light and dark.  Then you have to buy a head and clothing for it and only heads and clothing from Doll Coco will work on these avies.   I can only probably afford one head and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I went home to try on the bodies first and see what I thought before making a purchase.

Being a headless mannequin is probably supposed to be a bit creepy to most people, but it wasn’t to me. I think it’s gorgeous. The lines of the body and the way it moves, which is probably the whole mesh thing at work, whatever the reason I found this avatar breathtaking. Sensual even.

I decided to take my doll out for photos and chose [.XIV] which is a an interesting sim that incorporates the artists thoughts about dolls, fairytales, time and not wanting to grow up. You can read more about it here http://xivinsl.wordpress.com  and  here http://secondlife.com/destination/-xiv–2

I probably shouldn’t have, the sim is rated moderate and only after I took these pictures did I notice that and read the no nudity rule. I promptly left but the sim has much more for me to explore so I plan to go back  when I’m clothed… and when I find my head.

Doll Coco Mesh Doll Avatar and Clothing

[.XIV] Evanesce   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/XIV/80/161/21


Dolls make think of Emilie Autumn and this whole post reminds me of this song.

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