Houses, Flutters and Phantoms… oh my!

How did this happen again?  A busy busy week and I didn’t blog a single thing.  *sigh*  I think I need to hire a ghost writer.

First, I have a house now!  Still the same mainland plot, I’m quite fond of it actually, but I now have stuff.  An actual house, even furniture!  My flutter collection had taken over my 117 prims so I was living on just an empty platform but a very generous friend has donated a significant chunk of land and more prims than I could ever have dreamed of for me to move my collection to so that I could actually live on my land.  So now my mainland plot is all mine, just for me, and my flutters live off site in their own garden.

I also got a makeover.  I had blogged before that I struggle to find a look for the avatar I use for this project.  She’s blank to me, a shell.  I have no problem shopping for my roleplay characters, I know what suits the genre, I know their personalities and stories, I know what they look like in my mind but being OOC has been a huge struggle.  I was completely revamping my avatar weekly, daily even, depending on what I was doing and what I was picking up at hunts.  I finally found a skin that that felt right though, and surprisingly it was from Laqroki.  They have gorgeous skins, don’t get me wrong, I never would have bought one if I didn’t love it.  However, my gorean characters are normally naked, or very close to it, and I haven’t purchased Laqroki before because… well… honestly I’m not a huge fan of the girl bits, the “down there” on their skins.  The avatar I use now though is usually clothed so I was able to treat myself to a pretty new face. 


It’s a huge departure from any avie I’ve made before but it feels right for some reason and just in time as the Butterfly Preservation Society is hosting a Papillon Winter Fair 2011 this weekend. 

If you are at all curious about Papillon Breedable butterflies, wisps, or plants please drop in.  It’s a great chance to meet the members of this community, to learn about these fantastic breedables and their self-sustaining ecosystem and to have some fun.  I am expecting that the auction on Saturday at 5 pm will feature some of the best flutters and wisps these breeders have in their collections as well as perhaps some of the new winter traits that were released just this week. 

There are scheduled classes and events, but you can stop in at any time and just mingle.  You’ll find all kinds of information posted up on the boards, as well as boxes of notecards you can pick up.  Members have set up booths selling some of their collection and are always willing to chat about this hobby with those that are just curious as well as new breeders.

Saturday December 3, 2011

Class  10 SLT

Class  2 SLT

Q&A session 4 SLT

Auction 5 SLT

Sunday December 4, 2011

Class 10 SLT

Class 2 SLT

DJ Party SLT BEST IN FAIRYTALE-Hosted by Migaia


 The Butterfly Preservation Society has also launched a new website, complete with blog posts and forums. and Kismet has written up a super helpful Butterflies 101 post

 My own collection has more than doubled  quadrupled in size somehow.  It’s not my fault!  Really.  I’m going to blame my enabler.  I really didn’t plan to take advantage of the extra prims or space that was given to me.  I thought I’d just move the collection I had over so that I could live on my own land again.  In my mind I was just going to keep the collection the same size.  Then some of my breeders dropped an  incredible triple mutation which included rainbow wings AND rainbow body with glow effects so I HAD to get a mate for him.  Then I realized I didn’t have a Bard or a Godfather… then I saw this gorgeous cocoon with Hollow wings…


Hmmm, perhaps I shouldn’t attend the auction after all.  Well… it can’t hurt to just go look though right?  Right?


Other big big news, and I KNOW you’ve been waiting for this one, the  Ravenswood Theater has announced another upcoming performance of Phantom of the Opera on Wednesday December 7th at 7pm SL time.

As before it’s limited seating in order to keep the performance running smoothly.  Head down to the box office and pick up an RSVP form, fill it out, and drop it in their mail box.  They will get back to you to confirm your seats.  You really really must see this if you are able to.  It’s a once in a SLifetime opportunity.

One comment on “Houses, Flutters and Phantoms… oh my!

  1. Greetings! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the good job!

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