Snow White and a Big Red Dress

Weekends often find me easing into my morning with a cup pot of coffee and browsing forums and blogs.  When I saw this red dress from Gizza  on Free Style I had two thoughts.

1)       That’s a big dress.

2)       I must photograph it.

Inspiration strikes me at the oddest times and for the strangest reasons but I don’t question it.  I just let it take me where it will and see where I end up.

A dress like this needs the right skin and my regular skin wasn’t going to cut it for the photo I had in mind.  I needed something high fashion, photogenic and bold.

Glam Affair came to mind as they usually have some very dramatic skins so I went over and guess what their group gift is called this month?  Linn – Snow White.  Now, perhaps the connection won’t click for some of you, but one of my avatars, the one I’ve used longest and most as my roleplay character, is named Linn.  How crazy is that?  I had to have it of course. 

So here I am walking around Mysterious Wave in my Snow White skin and my Big Red Dress, thinking I’m all fashionista and creative as I try all my new poses from Adorkable and play with lighting, and then I catch this statue in the background of one of my photos. 

I was going to trash this photo, or try to crop him out, and then I realized… it’s perfect just the way it is.  Playing pixel model and photographer, pretending to be all artsy in my gigantic dress wading knee deep in water is a bit silly of me, perhaps face palm worthy, but  that’s probably why I had so much fun doing it.  Why have a virtual life if you can’t be ridiculous sometimes?

A huge thanks goes to the sim itself, Mysterious Wave, for inspiring me to attempt “art” with the unexpected.


Glam Affair


Mysterious Wave

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