Patina at Treptower Park

This week’s color challenge is Patina, the greenish color you get when metals have been exposed to the elements, aged or neglected.  I’m finding the name of the colors, the words themselves, are as inspiring to me as the color sample Luna is giving.

So for Patina it only made sense to me that I find some where to take photos that captured that feel.  Old, metal, weathered, neglected.  When I read about Treptower Park on Ziki’s blog I knew it was just the place.   This build was exactly what I had in mind though I didn’t know it until I saw it.

 Treptower Park has an eerie feel that is almost sad in a way.  The driving rain adds to this vibe I’m sure. I read that this build is inspired by an actual abandoned amusement park in the former East Berlin.  I imagine there must be many of these in the world and I couldn’t help but think on what happens to rides and toys and games when no one uses them anymore.

Eventually I came upon exactly what I was looking for.

Patina.  I knew it would be here!


You’ll want to set aside some time to click all the pose balls and try all the rides.  There is a lot more to discover and experience in Treptower park than you might realize at first.  Just be careful, it isn’t the harmless playground you might think it is.  Then again, what is?

The look came together almost on it’s own and well within budget. Between the 50% off sale earlier in the week at Truth District, new group gifts, and some weekly sales I was all set.

Credits and SLURLS to come.

Treptower Park

Iron at Green Acres Golf Course

Did you know you could golf in Second Life?  Me neither!  But you can and I have been having a blast this past week at Green Acres Golf Course.

When you arrive you can pick up a free hud and club that are good for a three hour round.  You can also purchase a score card device and a set that isn’t on a timer, but the free one seems to be working well for me for now.  Make your way to the first tee, and you are good to go.  The bag I’m wearing isn’t part of the set, I bought it separately on marketplace because I thought it made a cute prop.


After spending the first bit admiring the build, just grinning at the sheer amusement of playing golf in Second Life you’ll soon find this game is actually quite challenging.  Some of the objects are physical, so your ball can and will bounce off trees and rocks.  I had to test it just to be sure of course.  Water hazards are hilarious because you actually have to play the ball from in the water, which again, I tried purely for research purposes.  Lastly, the backslopes are killer.  You don’t even want to know how often I was screaming stop as my ball came rolling back.  If I could have picked it up on the one hole that I putted about 17 times, I would have.  Well… I would have if I wasn’t so busy laughing.  Playing golf in Second Life is really truly one of the funnest things I’ve done.


So as I’m there golfing, noting that the hud only has a putter, wedge and driver and I could really use an Iron…. Wait a second, isn’t Iron the Color Challenge this week? 


Get out of here!  This is happening far too often now.  What I do keep saying about coincidences in my life?  Crazy.

My first two visits the sim was pretty much empty and I felt bad to see yet another fantastic build and really fun activity so under used.  My third visit?  There was a group of Scouts there playing golf as a camp outing.  Did you know there were Scouts in Second Life?  Me neither!

That will have to be another story for another day though.  For now you have to run down Green Acres for a round of golf and I need to submit my Iron picture for this weeks challenge.

The Path from Coral to Electric Indigo

 No.  I haven’t stopped blogging or given up on the Renoobed project.  My SL bucket list is still a mile long and growing daily.  I had full intentions of blogging pretty much every day this past two weeks, even had pictures on my desktop from various attempts, it just didn’t seem to happen.  I don’t know where time goes!

Anyway – to recap, I missed two weeks in Luna’s 52 weeks of color challenge.  I struggled with Coral because it’s not quite pink, nor quite orange.  I picked up the cutest two piece outfit by Sea Hole available at Collabor88 which was not really Coral, but rather pink and orange.  In my mind showing the two colors together brought attention to that and somehow demonstrated what I think of when I hear Coral, specifically, neither orange nor pink.  My inspiration was lacking though.  For as much as I loved the outfit and fully intend to use the pieces again as part of my day to day wardrobe, I couldn’t find a place to take photos that felt Coral to me or that captured what I was trying to say.

So after a few days of frustration I gave up and decided to go explore the Path, a sim I’ve read a lot about and wanted to see for myself since Bryn Oh is always inspiring to me.  The Path is a collaborative build with 8 creators each making a vignette and you teleport from area to area as the story progresses.


I am tempted to show you pictures of each section, but really it’s something you need to experience in person.  The amount of detail in each of the builds, the diversity between them, and yet the string that somehow joins them all and makes it work is not something that can be shown in a blog post.  If you have some time please do go experience the path, and I say experience rather than see because it is a full sensory immersive event.

 The oddest thing is, having given up on Coral, I came to one part that actually inspired me once again.  The wood colors in this maze of doors and hallways aren’t Coral either, and yet combined with that I was going for with my pink and orange outfit, I just felt it worked.  I asked the gentlemen who were lingering around and while they consult the rules I’m going to go ahead and call this photo my nod to Coral anyway.


After much deliberation they decided that it wasn’t Coral, well.. pffft.  So much for them!   


It was about this point that I decided Coral wasn’t going to happen for me.  I continued to explore The Path and started thinking about the next color, last week’s color, Electric Indigo.  Lo and Behold, guess what one of the vignettes brought  me to?

If that isn’t Electric Indigo, I don’t know what is!  Granted, it’s not clothing, or even an avatar, so I’m not sure it technically qualifies for this challenge but I couldn’t stop laughing when I opened the door to this.  Serendipity strikes once again. 

So two weeks of color change complete, in my own random way.  Next week’s color is iron, which is sort of silvery grey and I already have an idea in mind for both an outfit and a location so I might actually get this one in time.

I also stumbled on the funnest thing to do in Second Life and I can’t wait to tell you about it so that’s on the radar for a blog post this week as well.  Let’s hope my various viewer issues cooperate.


Skin:  al vulo!- may* ghost of the past porcellain gift (old gift)

Hair:  ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Hollywood    60L at The Dressing Room  (no longer available)

Outfit: The Sea Hole – Heron Skirt – Sunset and The Sea Hole – Minna Blouse- Sunset 88L each at COLLABOR88

The Path


Is This Champagne?

I read a lot of blogs and feeds so I’ve been familiar with Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of color challenge for some time but never participated.  Even once I got a blog I didn’t feel like I could jump in for the last few months but then I saw she’s started the series all over again for 2012.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that it would start over, after all it is called 52 weeks… duh… but I was excited when I saw that I could jump in and participate right from the first week.  I’m not sure if I will be able to do them all because the idea of putting together a whole new look every week for the sole purpose of taking a picture with a color theme has me a bit concerned about my budget honestly.  My flutters sold really well at the auction, so I do have money to play with now, but I’m still sticking to my budget because I want to make it last as long as I can.   If I can manage to put together an affordable look for the color in question, or find something I’m sure I’ll use again, I am going to give this a try because I do feel it will stretch my creativity and give me a reason to experiment with my photography.

So the first weeks color is… champagne.  What the heck?  I’m stumped on the first week!  Luna shows a color sample on her blog but still, I was scratching my head.   Champagne… is that beige?  Or gold?  Or creme?  Or taupe?  I finally found a dress that I believed was champagne, but the struggle to do so really made me think about color.  I guess the challenge is working already.  I knew for this first week at least I wanted a photo that showed the thought process I went through.  I needed a location and picture that really focused on the nuances between creme and white, gold, beige, taupe,  and of course champagne.

Finding a location to take the photos proved a lot more difficult then I imagined. There are so many gorgeous places but I knew what I was trying to capture in my head and I just wasn’t finding it. I was sim hoping, randomly picking things from the search and destination guide when I came to Roche. What a fascinating sim. I was instantly inspired but the color palette wasn’t right. I was going to landmark for a future visit and try another when I spotted a small wheat field. Oooo that was promising! Wheat also isn’t champagne, but close enough that it would capture exactly that struggle to define color that I was thinking about.

There was also this scarecrow that inspired me. Partially because of the colors on him, a variety of tans and taupes and browns, but also because… well I’m modelling an outfit in a pixel world and he’s a scarecrow, a not real person wearing people’s clothes. I don’t know, my brain made a connection there.

With dozens of photos saved to my desktop I chose the previous two to show here but neither are quite right. The first I made the mistake of playing with windlight too much. Normally that’s cool, but if I’m trying to show a color it’s not a great idea to fiddle with the sky colors.  I love the second picture, love love the picture actually, since it captured that whole scarecrow connection I was trying to explain and really highlights the differences between the actual color tones, but take a look at her hand. Half of it is in her skirt. Bugger! I didn’t notice when I had changed poses, I was too caught up in the shot, so another lesson learned.

There we go.  That third one is better.  No glaring error that jump out at me though the composition is a bit awkward, which perhaps it’s artistic, or maybe just simply awkward.  I’m never entirely sure but I decided it at least captured the message I was hoping to.  With no other colors in here I feel like it’s really showing each tone to it’s fullest.  Beige looks considerably different than taupe, wheat is no where close to blonde, and white is most surely not champagne.

This last picture is a total accident.  Have you ever had your camera in SL grab a sunbeam or something and twist you all around?  It happens to me a lot and when it did tonight I must have also accidentally hit the keys to take a snapshot.  I have no other way to explain how this picture got on my desktop.  It’s not really champagne, I don’t even know what it is, but I sort of like it so I’m including it.

Dress “Tee*fy Cutout dress Nude” still available for 50L from the last 50L Friday event

Hair “>TRUTH< Janice – champagne” which is the style I wear often anyway and it  just so happens there is a tone called champagne and was right there in my inventory already

Skin “LAQ ~ Ebba – [Fair] – 02”  my regular skin

Location Roche

I think I just barely managed to make the first weeks challenge in time.  I’m not sure if the weeks start and end on Saturdays, or Mondays?  Some are already posting next weeks color, coral, but Luna hasn’t done her post yet so I think I’m in under the wire.  Ok, coral hmmmm is that pink? or salmon? or orange, or rose….

New Projects and Experiences for the New Year

 I’ve been so busy this past week or two I feel like I need to take a moment and document all this here so I don’t forget.  It’s been great having this blog for that reason.  I can look back to so many firsts and the progress in my photography and see how much I’ve done the last few months.

First, after promising Alexial weeks ago that I would put all my Phantom of the Opera pictures on Flickr I finally got that done.  It took me a while to get all the photos uploaded, then I had them in the wrong order for the slideshow to really work well, but I think I have it now.  Take a look.

November 16th Performance  (25 pictures)

December 7th Performance (50 pictures)

I’ll need to back now and look through my pictures here and pick out the ones I want to add to my Flickr.

I also have an update on my Papillon breedable butterfly project.  As I noted in a few previous posts, it’s gotten a little bigger than I originally expected.  So big in fact that I’ve decided to sell some of them.  It’s hard to part with them.  When I get a really good one, or a new trait, or a rare mutation combination the urge is to hoard them and keep breeding to see what else I can come up with.

I can only manage so many at once and I’m going to specialize and focus in on certain breeding lines so I decided it was time to part with a few.  I decided to put a cocoon in an auction last week.  I usually attend auctions every Saturday at the The Breeders’ Borough but I had decided to put my baby in an auction at a new sim called Flutters Auction & MiniMall for a few scheduling reasons.  The usual Saturday auctions at The Borough were going to be Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve so I wasn’t sure what the turnout would be.  The auctions at Flutters Minimall are on Wednesday at 1pm and since I had the week off due to holidays it was a perfect time for me to try a weekday daytime auction.  Sadly, the auctioneer got terribly ill and the auction was postponed… to this week!

I’m sure you don’t realize what that means but I’ll explain. ..

My first ever baby is going to be auctioned off tomorrow, Wednesday January 4th at 1 pm SL Time at Flutters Auctions and Minimall  and I won’t even be there!


It’s probably a good thing though, I’d be a big ball of nerves.  What if it doesn’t sell?  What if there is some bidding war?  I’ve never been accused of underthinking.  It’s probably best that I’m at work and just find out the result after the fact.  Marhi, the sim owner, has graciously offered to serve as my proxy for the bidding.  Thank you Marhi!

So to keep myself busy I decided to rent a little booth on that same sim to sell some of my other cocoons that I won’t be including in my new specialized breeding program, or those I have doubles or triples of.  I could have just dumped them on the table, but I wanted to decorate it a bit, so this meant *gasps* building!  In case I haven’t mentioned, I can’t build.  I can edit my attachments well enough, but to make something?  No, LOL, just no.

I knew what I wanted, a shelf type deal where I could put the cocoons on three different levels.  I got the rough idea for a shape with two prims, but I knew there had to be a way to do it with one.


I asked a few friends, who all offered to build it for me, but that’s not the point.  I wanted to do this myself, to learn something.  I’ve gone 4+ years in SL unable to build because people do things for me.  It’s far past time I learn myself.  They suggested I hollow a prim, then cut it.


Looks simple right?  You don’t want to know how long that took me.  As much as I love the plywood look I figured I should go one step further and texture it.  Well, I don’t have textures.  Don’t ask, I don’t know how a person exists in SL this long without textures but I just don’t have any.  Thankfully the default library has some so I experimented with those. 

If I had known tile would be such a pain in the butt to make work on the repeats of various surfaces I would have chosen something else but the end result is not too bad actually.  I think it will work and for being the first thing I ever made I’m really proud.  Look guys, I made a … thing!


So I put it all together on the booth with my cocoons and the new sign I made and voila, I’m an SL business woman.


The cocoons are all special to me, I raised their parents, and often their grandparents too.  I’ve invested a lot of time carefully deciding which ones to pair and breed so deciding which ones to part with and pricing them took me days.  Pricing is the hardest I think.  I visited every papillon breedable seller I know to get an idea of prices and that left me more confused than ever.  I could theoretically sell my cocoons for less than others are, then they’d be sure to sell, but that felt wrong.  Perhaps I’m missing some fundamental economics gene or something but I didn’t want to undercut these people who had helped me get started on this hobby, people I’ve made friends with.  On the other hand, if I price them higher than everyone else, I’ll never sell any. 

I’m not doing this to make a fortune in Second Life.  I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind recouping some of the investment I’ve made and paying for the booth rental, but it hasn’t been an expensive hobby so far.  I win a lot of food and accessories from the rewards card so the maintenance isn’t that high and other than a few I’ve bought at auctions to get some new trait or mutations the investment in the flutters themselves hasn’t been that much.  I do live on my 300L a week premium account stipend though, if I could make another couple hundred a week that’s twice what I’m living on now so I’ll feel rich. 

No, the point isn’t too make a fortune, I’m really doing this mainly to get the full experience of breedables from beginning to end, and because honestly it’s been fun.  I feel a strange sense of accomplishment and all I did was texture a prim and put my cocoons from my hobby for sale but I still feel like I’ve accomplished something.  It’s so beneath the actual content creators in Second Life that this probably seems silly, but it’s a huge new step for me so I’m excited.  The first time I heard that cha-ching sound when someone bought one of my cocoons I jumped and then burst into a laughing fit.  I had no idea you heard a cha-ching sound when you sold something and since I wasn’t there when it happened it took me completely by surprise.

So the booth is all done, my first cocoon is set to be auctioned off tomorrow afternoon while I’m at work, but then I got some other news.  The Breeders’ Borough was going to be having a Wednesday auction this week as well, not just the usually Saturday one.  Hmm….

Cortez, one of the owners of The Borough, is a long time friend who goes back to my very early, early days in Gor and roleplay.  She introduced me to some of my first para-RP experiences, and has played with me, mentored me, and watched me grow from character to character and sim to sim.  I really do want to support her sim auctions as well so… in for a penny, in for a pound!  I put another of my cocoons in that auction as well.

This means I’m in TWO auctions tomorrow!  From no experience to two in one day just like that (insert crude joke here for my fellow dirty minded folk) but if I’m going to do this might as well go big or go home right?

I will be online for the second one so I guess I’ll have to deal with that basket of nerves experience after all.

If you wanted to check out an auction, and they are super fun to listen to because the auctioneer is on voice, or if you wanted to come hold my hand and offer moral support, or you know… buy my babies, here are the slurs.

Flutters Auctions and Minimall:  Papillon Auctions Wednesdays at 1 pm SLT

The Breeders’ Borough:  Papillon Auctions Wednesday at 6 pm and Saturdays at 5 pm

Wish me luck!  I’ll let you know how it went after I get through tomorrow.