Is This Champagne?

I read a lot of blogs and feeds so I’ve been familiar with Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of color challenge for some time but never participated.  Even once I got a blog I didn’t feel like I could jump in for the last few months but then I saw she’s started the series all over again for 2012.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that it would start over, after all it is called 52 weeks… duh… but I was excited when I saw that I could jump in and participate right from the first week.  I’m not sure if I will be able to do them all because the idea of putting together a whole new look every week for the sole purpose of taking a picture with a color theme has me a bit concerned about my budget honestly.  My flutters sold really well at the auction, so I do have money to play with now, but I’m still sticking to my budget because I want to make it last as long as I can.   If I can manage to put together an affordable look for the color in question, or find something I’m sure I’ll use again, I am going to give this a try because I do feel it will stretch my creativity and give me a reason to experiment with my photography.

So the first weeks color is… champagne.  What the heck?  I’m stumped on the first week!  Luna shows a color sample on her blog but still, I was scratching my head.   Champagne… is that beige?  Or gold?  Or creme?  Or taupe?  I finally found a dress that I believed was champagne, but the struggle to do so really made me think about color.  I guess the challenge is working already.  I knew for this first week at least I wanted a photo that showed the thought process I went through.  I needed a location and picture that really focused on the nuances between creme and white, gold, beige, taupe,  and of course champagne.

Finding a location to take the photos proved a lot more difficult then I imagined. There are so many gorgeous places but I knew what I was trying to capture in my head and I just wasn’t finding it. I was sim hoping, randomly picking things from the search and destination guide when I came to Roche. What a fascinating sim. I was instantly inspired but the color palette wasn’t right. I was going to landmark for a future visit and try another when I spotted a small wheat field. Oooo that was promising! Wheat also isn’t champagne, but close enough that it would capture exactly that struggle to define color that I was thinking about.

There was also this scarecrow that inspired me. Partially because of the colors on him, a variety of tans and taupes and browns, but also because… well I’m modelling an outfit in a pixel world and he’s a scarecrow, a not real person wearing people’s clothes. I don’t know, my brain made a connection there.

With dozens of photos saved to my desktop I chose the previous two to show here but neither are quite right. The first I made the mistake of playing with windlight too much. Normally that’s cool, but if I’m trying to show a color it’s not a great idea to fiddle with the sky colors.  I love the second picture, love love the picture actually, since it captured that whole scarecrow connection I was trying to explain and really highlights the differences between the actual color tones, but take a look at her hand. Half of it is in her skirt. Bugger! I didn’t notice when I had changed poses, I was too caught up in the shot, so another lesson learned.

There we go.  That third one is better.  No glaring error that jump out at me though the composition is a bit awkward, which perhaps it’s artistic, or maybe just simply awkward.  I’m never entirely sure but I decided it at least captured the message I was hoping to.  With no other colors in here I feel like it’s really showing each tone to it’s fullest.  Beige looks considerably different than taupe, wheat is no where close to blonde, and white is most surely not champagne.

This last picture is a total accident.  Have you ever had your camera in SL grab a sunbeam or something and twist you all around?  It happens to me a lot and when it did tonight I must have also accidentally hit the keys to take a snapshot.  I have no other way to explain how this picture got on my desktop.  It’s not really champagne, I don’t even know what it is, but I sort of like it so I’m including it.

Dress “Tee*fy Cutout dress Nude” still available for 50L from the last 50L Friday event

Hair “>TRUTH< Janice – champagne” which is the style I wear often anyway and it  just so happens there is a tone called champagne and was right there in my inventory already

Skin “LAQ ~ Ebba – [Fair] – 02”  my regular skin

Location Roche

I think I just barely managed to make the first weeks challenge in time.  I’m not sure if the weeks start and end on Saturdays, or Mondays?  Some are already posting next weeks color, coral, but Luna hasn’t done her post yet so I think I’m in under the wire.  Ok, coral hmmmm is that pink? or salmon? or orange, or rose….

3 comments on “Is This Champagne?

  1. I really like the one of you leaning against the scarecrow actually, I wouldn’t have noticed the hand if you hadn’t mentioned it and I think the composition overcomes that small detail. Love the sun on the wheat in your accidental photo too. I like how your mind works, finding the wheat field and then playing with the windlight for colours, and your empathy with the scarecrow 🙂 Clearly you’re going to give us some great posts even if you can’t do them all, look forward to seeing more. I’m fledhyris on blogspot & flickr btw, unfortunately I can only post here from my FB account name…

  2. Your compositions are so artistic. And about picture 2, even in RL, our hands sometimes disappear into the folds of our skirts. Just brilliant pictures; I hope you continue in the challenge:)

  3. Thank you both so much!

    I’m really enjoying this challenge and trying to tackle it from a different point of view. One that gives me practice with my photography or makes me think outside of the box.

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