The Path from Coral to Electric Indigo

 No.  I haven’t stopped blogging or given up on the Renoobed project.  My SL bucket list is still a mile long and growing daily.  I had full intentions of blogging pretty much every day this past two weeks, even had pictures on my desktop from various attempts, it just didn’t seem to happen.  I don’t know where time goes!

Anyway – to recap, I missed two weeks in Luna’s 52 weeks of color challenge.  I struggled with Coral because it’s not quite pink, nor quite orange.  I picked up the cutest two piece outfit by Sea Hole available at Collabor88 which was not really Coral, but rather pink and orange.  In my mind showing the two colors together brought attention to that and somehow demonstrated what I think of when I hear Coral, specifically, neither orange nor pink.  My inspiration was lacking though.  For as much as I loved the outfit and fully intend to use the pieces again as part of my day to day wardrobe, I couldn’t find a place to take photos that felt Coral to me or that captured what I was trying to say.

So after a few days of frustration I gave up and decided to go explore the Path, a sim I’ve read a lot about and wanted to see for myself since Bryn Oh is always inspiring to me.  The Path is a collaborative build with 8 creators each making a vignette and you teleport from area to area as the story progresses.


I am tempted to show you pictures of each section, but really it’s something you need to experience in person.  The amount of detail in each of the builds, the diversity between them, and yet the string that somehow joins them all and makes it work is not something that can be shown in a blog post.  If you have some time please do go experience the path, and I say experience rather than see because it is a full sensory immersive event.

 The oddest thing is, having given up on Coral, I came to one part that actually inspired me once again.  The wood colors in this maze of doors and hallways aren’t Coral either, and yet combined with that I was going for with my pink and orange outfit, I just felt it worked.  I asked the gentlemen who were lingering around and while they consult the rules I’m going to go ahead and call this photo my nod to Coral anyway.


After much deliberation they decided that it wasn’t Coral, well.. pffft.  So much for them!   


It was about this point that I decided Coral wasn’t going to happen for me.  I continued to explore The Path and started thinking about the next color, last week’s color, Electric Indigo.  Lo and Behold, guess what one of the vignettes brought  me to?

If that isn’t Electric Indigo, I don’t know what is!  Granted, it’s not clothing, or even an avatar, so I’m not sure it technically qualifies for this challenge but I couldn’t stop laughing when I opened the door to this.  Serendipity strikes once again. 

So two weeks of color change complete, in my own random way.  Next week’s color is iron, which is sort of silvery grey and I already have an idea in mind for both an outfit and a location so I might actually get this one in time.

I also stumbled on the funnest thing to do in Second Life and I can’t wait to tell you about it so that’s on the radar for a blog post this week as well.  Let’s hope my various viewer issues cooperate.


Skin:  al vulo!- may* ghost of the past porcellain gift (old gift)

Hair:  ::Exile:: Betty Lou:Hollywood    60L at The Dressing Room  (no longer available)

Outfit: The Sea Hole – Heron Skirt – Sunset and The Sea Hole – Minna Blouse- Sunset 88L each at COLLABOR88

The Path


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