Iron at Green Acres Golf Course

Did you know you could golf in Second Life?  Me neither!  But you can and I have been having a blast this past week at Green Acres Golf Course.

When you arrive you can pick up a free hud and club that are good for a three hour round.  You can also purchase a score card device and a set that isn’t on a timer, but the free one seems to be working well for me for now.  Make your way to the first tee, and you are good to go.  The bag I’m wearing isn’t part of the set, I bought it separately on marketplace because I thought it made a cute prop.


After spending the first bit admiring the build, just grinning at the sheer amusement of playing golf in Second Life you’ll soon find this game is actually quite challenging.  Some of the objects are physical, so your ball can and will bounce off trees and rocks.  I had to test it just to be sure of course.  Water hazards are hilarious because you actually have to play the ball from in the water, which again, I tried purely for research purposes.  Lastly, the backslopes are killer.  You don’t even want to know how often I was screaming stop as my ball came rolling back.  If I could have picked it up on the one hole that I putted about 17 times, I would have.  Well… I would have if I wasn’t so busy laughing.  Playing golf in Second Life is really truly one of the funnest things I’ve done.


So as I’m there golfing, noting that the hud only has a putter, wedge and driver and I could really use an Iron…. Wait a second, isn’t Iron the Color Challenge this week? 


Get out of here!  This is happening far too often now.  What I do keep saying about coincidences in my life?  Crazy.

My first two visits the sim was pretty much empty and I felt bad to see yet another fantastic build and really fun activity so under used.  My third visit?  There was a group of Scouts there playing golf as a camp outing.  Did you know there were Scouts in Second Life?  Me neither!

That will have to be another story for another day though.  For now you have to run down Green Acres for a round of golf and I need to submit my Iron picture for this weeks challenge.

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