Patina at Treptower Park

This week’s color challenge is Patina, the greenish color you get when metals have been exposed to the elements, aged or neglected.  I’m finding the name of the colors, the words themselves, are as inspiring to me as the color sample Luna is giving.

So for Patina it only made sense to me that I find some where to take photos that captured that feel.  Old, metal, weathered, neglected.  When I read about Treptower Park on Ziki’s blog I knew it was just the place.   This build was exactly what I had in mind though I didn’t know it until I saw it.

 Treptower Park has an eerie feel that is almost sad in a way.  The driving rain adds to this vibe I’m sure. I read that this build is inspired by an actual abandoned amusement park in the former East Berlin.  I imagine there must be many of these in the world and I couldn’t help but think on what happens to rides and toys and games when no one uses them anymore.

Eventually I came upon exactly what I was looking for.

Patina.  I knew it would be here!


You’ll want to set aside some time to click all the pose balls and try all the rides.  There is a lot more to discover and experience in Treptower park than you might realize at first.  Just be careful, it isn’t the harmless playground you might think it is.  Then again, what is?

The look came together almost on it’s own and well within budget. Between the 50% off sale earlier in the week at Truth District, new group gifts, and some weekly sales I was all set.

Credits and SLURLS to come.

Treptower Park

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