TGI…. The weekend!

I’ve been in a such a rut in SL since I came back from holidays.  There are dozens on things on my want to do list but I seem to be standing around in my skybox tabbed out playing miniclip games.  Tower Defense FTW!  Nothing is wrong, I’m just lazy.  Pixel lazy doesn’t even make sense but I have no other explanation.  I didn’t even change my avie’s clothes for days.

Anyway …

The few outings I have done have been to Organica, which I’ve talked about before, the Home of the Happy Clams remember?  That amazing group I met at Burn2 and have been popping in on ever since?  Yes, I knew you’d remember them.

Well this weekend marks the 5th year in a row they celebrate the Equinox festival, the first being in 2007 when founder Thomtrance hosted it on his own little beach plot.  What does this mean for you?  Music my friends, music and wonderful people.

A wonderful line up of DJs will be entertaining from 12 pm until 2 am at Organica on Saturday March 24th and the Wickerman will be lit at 10 pm SL time.  I’m going to be there as much as I can and you are welcome to help us celebrate.

Organica’s  5th Annual Equinox Festival Saturday March 24th noon until 2 am

Now if that weren’t enough news to make your weekend guess what else is happening?  Oh come on, guess!  What is the one thing that makes me ridiculously excited in SL?  You got it!  Ravenswoods Theatricals is putting on a matinée performance of Phantom of the Opera at noon SLT.  Remember, there is limited seating to ensure the performance runs smoothly.

Stop by the theater in Cross Check sim to reserve your tickets by clicking the ticket booth, or leave a notecard with Alexiel Czaczkes.

I still feel all this time later that it’s the single most amazing experience I’ve had in SL, ok not single, since I saw it twice, but you know what I mean.  If you haven’t heard of this production, be sure to have a look at my previous posts.

or have a look at my photos of the December performance here.

Have a great weekend guys. I actually have another post in the queue because I went out tonight to check out a roleplay sim.  I think I’ll make you wait a bit though, cause I’m a tease like that.


pssst – I know you would anyway – but both these events are made possible through the generosity of volunteers so be sure to leave donations.

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