I saw this avatar on Bunnie’s Flicker   and had to have it.

It’s a group gift from Pixels called [-p-] Android GlaDOS AVATAR and though it costs a $100L to join the group, this avatar was more than worth it.

Almost everything you see here was included except the boots and jumpsuit which I added myself, though she does come with her own clothing that isn’t shown.

The photo isn’t retouched at all other than some cropping, that’s all from Second Life.

Being called GLaDOS, I wanted a futuristic space like sim to take the photos so I chose Necronom VI.  This is a roleplay sim, so be sure to read the rules and respect other people’s immersion if you go.  It’s a GREAT sim for photographs, I’ve used it a few times, but I’ll admit that I do enjoy trying out all pose balls and neat toys while I explore *grins*

This next shot wasn’t planned, more of an accidental click as I cammed out, but of all the ones I look at on my desktop, this one sort of speaks to me so I’m including it here as well.


Necronom VI

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