You Can’t Blame a Mannequin

All week, well longer actually, I’ve had a few ideas tumbling about my mind for things to do in Second Life and blog posts I want to write. I keep getting distracted though.

Take today for example, I discovered the thread bombing website. Great! Not only do I have a new addiction, I have seen things I can’t unsee.


Then I moved on to checking out the new way WordPress displays search stats. It was always an option, but I didn’t bother to look much. Today, since I was exploring the new format I couldn’t help but notice the search terms. I’m not sure what’s funnier, the fact that people searched these terms or their reaction when they got my blog instead.

In fact, I’m not even sure HOW some of these searches ended up at my blog.

Zombie girl tearing off her clothes
Humanoid Female Nude
Woman hugs scarecrow
Kinky christmas pictures

My personal favorite search term?

You can’t blame a mannequin for where it is propped.


I may have to incorporate that into my Second Life motto.

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