I fell out of the habit of doing Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of color challenge but I’ve really been meaning to get back into it.  The challenge was great because it provided me with reasons to practice and experiment with my photographs, which I desperately need, as well as inspiration and motivation to get out there and do something.

This week the color is Turquoise so I spent the last few days trying to find an outfit that was not only that color, but spoke to me in some way.  Inspired me.  I think of my photos as mini characters I create, like short stories told in images not words.  This time, I had nothing.  There is a lot of great clothing out there, don’t get me wrong, but you know when you HAVE to find something for an event and you just can’t find the right thing?  Yup, that was me.

So I sat back tonight and seriously pondered just skipping this week and starting again next week when the idea hit me.  It’s a color challenge, but I don’t really have to photograph clothes do I?

Turquoise 3

When I think of turquoise the first thing that comes to mind is the Caribbean. You know those amazing pictures of the sky and the ocean, how they seem almost to touch? Where your eye is fooled and can’t find the line between sky and sea because they reflect one into the other? The beauty and simplicity of shades of the same color palette. The ones where you want to just jump in and have the ripples from your movement chase away any clouds reflections in the water?

Turquoise 1

You know the pictures I mean?  Well… I wasn’t able to capture those.

I’m a bit disappointed that the pictures aren’t exactly what I had in my head but maybe I was setting the bar a little too high, beyond my abilities for sure, and maybe even beyond my computer’s or SL’s capabilities.  I know I think too much sometimes, but in this case I may always have been thinking too big.

Still, they aren’t bad. They certainly do showcase the color challenge for this week so I’m going to submit them but I’ll be revisiting this idea because I haven’t quite captured what I was hoping to.

Turquoise 2

In the end, even if the pictures didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped, it was a lot of fun to do.

You meet the most interesting people when you are wandering around naked looking for vacant waterfront land while distracted with poses and lighting!

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