Shuttle Gray and Pravda’s Terracotta Army

Continuing with the idea I had for the Turquoise challenge, where I didn’t photograph clothing, I decided that for this week’s Shuttle Gray challenge I wouldn’t photograph my avatar at all.  Instead, I chose one of the incredible Terracotta Warriors by Pravda.

Profile of a Warrior

I must say, I think I’ve finally nailed Depth of Field but it’s the incredible detail in this creation that really deserves all the credit here.  I’m just the messenger.

The only negative thing I could possibly say is that if you hadn’t read about it in blogs or Flickr you might not have known to explore down in this cave.

Excation Entrance

One of the greatest things about Second Life is being able to explore most anything and anywhere, from the fantasy recreations pulled from books and movies,  to quirky fun builds that delight the senses and are drawn completely from the creator’s imagination, to replicas of real life places.   The Second Life Destination Guide describes the Pravda Terracotta Warrior Army location in SL as follows:

In the spring of 1974, farmers digging a well in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an, Shaanxi province China, were startled to discover an intact terracotta head. From there archeologists began to unearth an astonishing scene — a cavernous vault containing an entire army of warriors meant to guard the Emperor Qin Shi Huang as he made his journey into the afterlife. View the incredible sight for yourself.

Terracotta Army Excavation in SL

I’ll probably never get to visit China in real life so I really appreciated the opportunity to spend a few hours exploring this in a virtual way.  It’s eloquently beautiful in it’s simplicity of concept, and yet the scale and repetition somehow make it awe-inspiring. I think I might add that to my SL bucket list, exploring more historical recreations from RL in SL.  If you know of any please let me know.

The store just beside the excavation, Pravda, has these Terracotta Warrior status for sale in sets and individually.  I think they’d be an excellent addition to someone’s home or roleplay sim.

Pravda's Terracotta Army in SL

Visit Pravda’s Terracotta Army Excavation and Store

2 comments on “Shuttle Gray and Pravda’s Terracotta Army

  1. Oh thank you, thank you. I would never have come across this on my own. A wonderful recreation of the warriors, be heading back now and then to just enjoy it.

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