Capturing Spirit

If you’ve followed this blog project since the beginning, or browsed my Flickr Stream, I think you’ll agree my SL photography has improved quite a bit.  I still don’t own Photoshop, and know how to use many three tools in GIMP, but I’ve taught myself a lot about composition, pose choice, windlight, depth of field and a variety of other basic photography skills.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures these last few months, hundreds have ended up on this blog or Flickr, many of which were pretty good but none that really captured the vision I had in my head.  I came close a few times, but there was always something missing.  The Zombie Bride , the Headless Doll, even the Psycho shots I took for the Papillon Contest had hints of the Eerie Sensuality, the contrast of Feminine and Frightening, a subject that was both Disturbing and Vulnerable, each so close I could taste it but I was never fully satisfied.

Then last night, it finally happened.

Capturing Spirit

My hands were shaking, I actually had tears in my eyes. Me. I did this. Other than my son I’ve never made anything beautiful before.

I can’t stop staring at the lines of the neck and the slight awkwardness of the shoulder.

If you’ve never struggled trying to take the perfect picture, I’m sure this all sounds overly dramatic. That’s fine LOL I can admit that it probably does, but this has been almost… cathartic. (I was going to say orgasmic but that might be overstating) To FINALLY see a photograph that is exactly what was in my head is an experience that has made all those hours of practice and thousands of deleted attempts worth while.

Of course, all the real credit goes to Claudia222 Jewel who not only created this build called Spirit in Second Life, but the complete avatar I’m wearing in that photo is a FREE gift when you go there.

Thank you Claudia for giving me the opportunity to use your talent to explore my own creativity and express something that I’ve been struggling to for so long.

NOTE: There is basically no post processing on this photo. I cropped it, dabbled with the contrast slider a smidge, but that’s about it. This is pure Second Life.

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