Art Screamer Spirit by Claudia222 Jewell

In the previous post where I was so excited about my first ever picture that turned out exactly how I envisioned, I mentioned that the sim was Spirit and the complete avatar a FREE gift when you visit.  I wanted to show you a few more pictures to give you a hint of how creative this build is.

Spirit in Art Screamer

It’s a tricky sim to photograph, only in that there is so much to see. I’ve visited four times now and each time I notice something new. A subtle change of camera angle or lighting and it takes on a completely different feel.

Spirit in the Sky

Some of the builds are really big and grab your attention immediately. Others are tiny, and you have to cam in to see them.

One thing I noticed as I was touring around wearing the free avatar, was that I kept losing myself! The plants are made of the same moth wing texture the avatar wears. I wanted to play with the idea of camouflage.

Spirit in Hiding

Perhaps inspired by Gray because of the color challenge this week I decided to play around with another more abstract feeling photo like I did in the last post.

Gray Spirit

I love the concept I captured, but the photo has a strange line down the center which is because of lighting or something as it’s not a flaw in the avatar. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get rid of it because I don’t have the skill level yet in post processing. Oh well, I’m just as eager to post my “not quite right” photos as I am the ones I love and hopefully in the next six months or something I can look back and know how to fix it!

Drop by and see if the Spirit inspires you.


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