Papermakis at MiC-Imaginarium

I recently read about an exhibit at MiC-Imaginarium called Papermakis. According to the SL Destination Guide it’s a tribute to text, words, books, newspapers and other communications by Romy Nayar. As Second Life, or my SL at least, is very much text based because I rarely use voice so I thought it quite fitting and decided to pop over for a look. It was so much more than I expected. Again, simplicity in concept, but I spent hours exploring it. I really loved that it was interactive with things to click on, sit on, and several moving parts of the exhibit.


It really made me start thinking about the written word as a communication method and how so much of what we do today, especially related to Second Life, really comes down to words. Whether it’s a group chat or private IM, a forum post or tweet or plurk, an email, or a blog, we are forming impression about people, entire relationships sometimes, based on written words. I know, I know, I’m about to get accused of overthinking or called cerebral again aren’t I?

It’s true though, how often has someone moved you or angered you based on a word choice or turn of phrase? How many of us have chosen not to say certain things that were in our minds. and yet how often have words not spoken still managed to hurt you? I’m certain I’m not the only one who has actually laughed out loud based purely on something I’ve read, nor am I the only one who has cried. I’m certain that a good majority of what I’ve learned in life, and continue to learn, comes from things I’ve read and I know I’ve had countless hours of entertainment and recreation from reading books and roleplaying.  The notion that words are powerful is hardly new, but I think this exhibit really helped me look at it in a new way.

Picking Up the Words

In another of those far too common moments of serendipity in my Second Life I found myself staring at all the words at Papermakis and I remembered that the free low lag avatar given out at Fantasy Faire.  It included mesh hair and a skin that was covered in words. It was meant to be! I had to change into the skin and photograph it in it’s natural habitat.


The Papermakis exhibit opened on April 10th and I’m not sure how long it will be open so make sure you stop by soon.

Papermakis at MiC-Imaginarium

Last day of Fantasy Faire 2012 is May 1st
Fantasy Fair

Written all over my face

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