Lemon Chiffon at Noweeta Grassland

The last few weeks I’ve hated being in my SL house.  It’s not the location, I own a small parcel of mainland on a great sim, but I live on a sky platform.  It’s pretty bare as most of my prims are allotted to my papillon butterfly collection.  It never used to bother me, but now I log in there and just feel gross (yes that’s the official term) so I feed my flutters, change, and then get out as fast as I can.  I know I’m going to have to do something about this situation soon, but I don’t know what.

I could give up breeding butterflies, which might be a good idea since the sim I had my store on closed and I can’t afford the rent at the remaining breedable sims.  Most of the auctions aren’t at times that I’m able to attend or sell anything either, so the small income I was making from my flutters has dried up.  I could keep my flutters just for the joy of it, and I do love my hobby, but it means I have no prims to decorate my home.   I can’t justify buying more land, and probably can’t even afford the houses and décor I’d love to put on it if I did so, as I usually do when I have a major decision to make in SL, I just avoid the whole thing.  Second Life is really a procrastinator’s wonderland.

Lemon Chiffon at Noweeta Grassland

In addition to random exploring and hunts I’ve started spending a lot my time at a place called Noweeta Grassland.  It’s just a homestead with a café under the trees, but I discover something new each time I’m there, from hidden pose balls and picnic blankets, to hot air balloons and horseback riding.  You read that right, horseback riding!  There is no possible way I can do anything but grin as I ride a horse through the grasslands.  All those gross feelings; the frustration, the indecision, that emo cloud that threatens to rain a storm of woe is me just vanishes when I’m there.  When I saw that this week’s color challenge was Lemon Chiffon and the color sample provided was a pale yellow, I knew this was my chance to write about this beautiful spot.

My Quiet Place

I can’t pin point what it is about this sim that I like so much, it just feels comfortable, like home you know?  Even the look I put together for this challenge is more “me” than any other picture I’ve posted to date.  Maybe there is something I can do to my skybox to make it feel like this.  I like feeling like this.  Until then, I’ll just hang out here and chill.

I Like Feeling This Way

Dress:  Perry Sunshine – 75L project theomery from Paper.Doll
Hat:  VIP Summer Hat – one of the in store group gifts from Sweet Leo Needful Things (80L to join)
Boots:  Women’s Cowboy Boots Brown from Duh
Skin:  Lily v2 group gift from Belleza (250L to join)
Hair:  Evelyn Champagne from Truth
Noweeta Grassland

The song that goes with my lazy afternoon in the shade? It has to be this.

Pink Inferno

This week’s color challenge was deep pink, but for some reason I kept thinking it was dark pink. That got me thinking, can pink be dark? Pink is so girly; tulips, Barbie and bubble gum and there’s nothing wrong with those things, but I was inspired to make a look that was Pink gone Dark.

I’m not personally familiar with a lot of stores that sell the type of style I had in mind, but I do know a DJ from Organica who always looks fashionably futuristic and Avant Garde wearing her very own line of clothes. So off to Ahimsa Balut’s *[Eclat]* I went. I noticed she had a whole collection called Noir, and in it? This outfit called Venus in a variety of colors including… Pink!

Eclat at Inferno

I added a few accessories from my inventory and then set off to find just the perfect place to capture the vision I had in mind. A day later, two days later, still nothing. I must have searched every word from graveyard to noir to goth and I saw dozens of cool sims, but nothing that really had the vibe I was going for. I wanted something almost disturbing but the most disturbing sim I know is Inferno. Why fight it right? It wasn’t just going to be dark pink, it was going to end up deep pink too, all the way through the levels of hell.

Deep Pink Infero

Inferno, as the name suggests, is a sim based on Dante’s poem the Divine Comedy with a level dedicated to each of the circles of hell and their vices. This sim has to be seen in person to appreciate the detail put in to align it with the poem but be warned, some areas are a little graphic. Let Virgil be your guide from Limbo through Lust, walk through Gluttony on your way to Greed, ending on the frozen Cocytus. It was a little tricky to photograph my avatar and the build at the same time because the scales are off, but I did my best with some creative camera angles.

Deep Pink

Corset, stockings, skirt, collar and Bolero: Venus Pink from *[Eclat]* by Ahimsa Balut

Eye Shadow: Le Tigre Rosetta only $9L from the Gatcha at Cheap Makeup

Skin: Ebba – [Fair] – 04 from LAQ
Hair: Alexis w/Roots – champagne from Truth
Boots: Corset Boots from Violent Seduction
Chain Veil: Salome Veil Black Diamond. I bought this at the ( bewildebeest ) closing out sale a few months ago but if you are looking for something similar, Ahimsa has some cool chain and veil accessories at *[Eclat]*

Location: Rebeca Bashly’s Inferno


Now, a post about pink? You know I have to.

Half an Alpha and the Full Monty

I stopped in to see the new Collabor88 collection the other night.  I love these types of events, they enable me to have some of the latest and greatest things on the grid but within my budget.  I was grinning ear to ear as I picked up a sweater that is so so very me and a mesh mini skirt to go with it.  I put the skirt on, it fit pretty well other than my butt sticking out the back but once I added the alpha it was perfect.  I was so happy with the look over all that I wanted to show someone.  I’m naturally inclined to spend far far too much time in SL alone and in my sky box so I try to force myself to go out and meet people.  Feeling good about my new look, I browsed upcoming events and went clubbing!

That's better

After a couple of hours and the third club I got an IM from a guy I didn’t know, something like  “The no panty look is so hot”.  I just laughed because knowing I was wearing mesh, I knew that the upskirt was pretty much just a void.  The alpha masks make your insides invisible and I’ve already blogged about the death of the upskirt so I thought he was talking about that.  Then, I peeked down just for laughs and….

There she was, in all her naked glory.  The big V, the vajayjay, my bits, whatever you want to call them, there they were.  The Full Monty.

Remember I had put the skirt on before the alpha?  Well, apparently this alpha doesn’t completely cover everything.  That’s absolutely no fault of the creator and not a negative comment about the skirt.  It’s 100% user error.  I SHOULD have checked.  I just assumed I’d be a void under my skirt because I am every other time I wear an alpha with mesh.  Lesson learned.  From now on new rules folks.  1)  Always wear panties even if you think no one will see and 2) put the alpha on before the mesh just to be sure you know what it’s covering.

I’m not super worried about being naked, I spent years naked in gorean sims, but I really do my best to respect sim ratings so I was a bit embarrased about being at least partially nude in so many places.  I also like to know when I’m flashing the goods, know what I mean?

So anyway I’m telling this story today and then I had the most horrific thought.  Not only were those who upskirted me getting a good look, but anyone who has trouble seeing mesh, or hasn’t increased their MeshMaxConcurrentRequests wouldn’t have seen my skirt at all.  All they would have seen is the alpha and… you guessed it, a naked dancing hoohah.  How awesome is that?

First thing tonight when I logged in I checked, ok second, first I put panties on, but right after that I gave a check to see how it must have looked to those who don’t see mesh.

Note to Self

The void I can deal with, I’ve come to terms with the fact that people might see only the alpha, but that spot just below the void? The dark blue? That’s my panties, the ones I wasn’t wearing last night as I was club hopping. Can you imagine that half invisible half naked sight dancing around you? Sexy right?

I’m such a dork. I’ve been in SL how long now? Some five years and this reminds me of my first week in SL, the first club I ever went to I got the very same IM and had no clue how people could see up my skirt.  I hadn’t yet figured out how to cam very well, but I’ll get it right one of these days! Until then, well… KT said it best.

I know I took for granted that things
Would always go the way I wanted
I was going to be a treetop
A sea, a boat, a rock of ages

I don’t always get it right
I’d see it in a different kind of light

Pay my lip service
Keep it eloquent
Optimistic but
Never quite elegant
Still a weirdo
Still a weirdo, after all these years

A big thank you to all the creators at Collabor88 and my apologies for not doing your creations justice.

Mesh Mini: Skirt ::{u.f.o}::cocoon bells – alwayslace
Sweater: Kyoot – Soft Heart Cropped Top (Sky)
Both available at Collabor88 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tails/47/144/890

The fawn spotted skin that I’m wearing these days is the current group gift at Al Vulo and called Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly

Pueblo Dark and Pueblo Light

Luna Jubilee’s color choice for this week’s challenge is called Pueblo and the sample provided is a reddish brown of sorts.  I had no idea what I was going to wear but the name of it immediately made me think of Tableau for the location of the photoshoot.  Apparently I wasn’t alone!  Looking through the Flickr group there are quite a few that had the same idea.  Not surprising really, Tableau is so iconic as one of those few sims that combine a great shopping experience with whimsical novelty and things to do.

I spent a while walking around Tableau and getting inspired while randomly tossing on things from my inventory that came up after searching various colors; brown, rust, red… In the end, I don’t know if I achieved the color sample itself, but over all I felt the look said Pueblo.

Pueblo Dark

In this photoshoot, like most I do, I pick a spot and a pose and then start taking pictures while fiddling with lighting and camming around. It isn’t unusual for me to save a dozen or so to desktop with various angles and lighting before moving on to a new spot or pose. Usually I only chose one from each set to blog or put on Flickr, but this time I chose two.

Perhaps it’s just the sort of week I’m having, but I really liked the idea of using the same outfit, the same pose, the same exact spot but still showing two different feelings or vibes just through camera angle and windlight. Sort of a way of saying we all see the world the differently you know? That maybe the differences we see aren’t really there but are filters created by our own perception or angle…  I’m over thinking again aren’t I? OK… to the picture!

Pueblo Light

I sat on these pictures, and this post idea, for about 4 days now. I loved how they turned out, especially the colors in them that aren’t the pueblo challenge, in a way they lend to it even more but I just couldn’t get the right wording. I have no clue if the dual perception concept I was going for here makes sense or if I’m just babbling (again) but I knew I had to these down soon before the next color week starts.

Bracelet: One of my favorite things in Second Life – my Chum charm bracelet from Miel, a former subscribo gift
Skin: al vulo- leilani* april gold fish claveage sunkissed – former group gift
Hair: ::Exile:: Josie:Rust former Dressing Room Special
Poncho: [BUKKA]poncho ::stripe-graybrown:: lucky chair gift

One aside I wanted to note;  You recall my last post about my visit to the Second Life build based on the book Where the Wild Things Are?  Well  a few days after posting, the author Maurice Sendak whose story and artwork I had been so excited to experience, passed away.  RIP Mr. Sendak and thank you.

I Can Be Wild Too

One of the funnest blogs I follow is Virtual vagabond that features hunt items, gifts and sims that tickle my dork bone. Two of their posts this week immediately jumped out at me as a must blog combo. Pajamas and a sim based on a children’s novel? You know I had to do it.

Where the Wild Things Are

You might remember the fabulous PJ’s I blogged from Intrigue Co. once before in my Christmas Post, but they have two new sets available this weekend only in celebration of their 3rd anniversary. For a donation of 10L or more you can get either the kangaroo set or the ram, both come in male and female versions. There is also a rideable panda that might have come home with me too 🙂 The donations are for her cat’s vet bills.

Max's Boat to the Land of Wild Things

The location for these shots is based on the 1963 children’s book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. If you haven’t read the book or seen one of the movie versions it’s still worth a visit just for the fun factor, but if you have  I think you’ll really appreciate the attention to detail of both the original story and illustrations.

I always love interactive builds with things to click or ride and portal doors, but this one had me grinning from the moment I saw the pictures. Arriving there, exploring Max’s bedroom, riding the boat, doing the rumpus with the Wild Things, going back home and getting my supper, it was just magic. I’ve never been a child avatar in Second Life, but I do love the childlike whimsy and those moments of lighthearted fun  and youthful excitement that we can achieve.

Wild Things

Thank you to Virtual Vagabond, Intrigue Co. and Gadget Starsider creator of Wild Things Island for the pure joy you brought to my night.

Virtual Vagabond http://www.virtualvagabond.com/
Intrigue Co. http://intrigueco.blogspot.ca/ or in world http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lloyd/197/173/35
Wild Things Island http://slurl.com/secondlife/Harrison/162/114/41

Recapping my Renoobed Project

Last night I received an IM from someone asking me if I remembered a forum post I had written with suggestions of places to see in SL. I couldn’t find it, but I’m certain I must have used some of the incredible places I’ve visited since I started this project so I started to go back through my archives to make a list.   As I read my first post again, the one I put in my About section, and I can’t believe how much has changed since then. I really owe the changes in my Second Life to this project so I wanted to give a big thank you to those who encouraged me to do this in the first place and all those who have supported me in it since.

I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made in my photos, I have a Flickr account now, and I’ve even made the decision to add my blog to a feed. Renoobed is now on SLU’s blog feed! It seemed to be mainly fashion blogs, store and photography blogs and as mine is kind of a mashup I wasn’t sure if I should. Cristiano has now added a category for general SL blogs so I submitted mine to the list.

Check it out here. http://slufeed.me/

Where was I? Oh yes! I thought it might be time to do a recap of my travels so far and top suggestions.

Interesting Sims to Photograph and Visit

Papermakis at Imaginarium http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MIC/57/145/21

Spirit at Art Screamer http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Art%20Screamer/151/20/20

Pravda’s Terracotta Army http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tenth%20Rua/76/172/1272

ChouChou http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chouchou/128/128/21

Treptower Park http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/eagle%20crest/7/250/21

The Unicorn Sanctuary and Quest http://slurl.com/secondlife/Elven%20Realm/130/156/22

Santa’s Workshop. I don’t know if it’s still there, but if it is you’ll have a blast! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kalia%20Island/48/130/36

Mysterious Wave http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zone/213/122/22

[.XIV] Evanesce http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/XIV/80/161/21

HuMaNoiD http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gilmour/97/120/21

Immersiva http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immersiva/28/126/21

Pteron http://slurl.com/secondlife/pteron/101/138/13

Last, but most certainly not least, is The Path. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA2/179/185/23

You can also watch the complete Machinima here.

In addition to places to explore, I’ve been busy with a few others things.


Golfing at Green Acres http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Romantic%20Times/22/166/21

Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA) website http://www.globalonlinehockeyassociation.com/ and their arena at secondlife://Cross%20Check/135/96/62

Second Life Football (SFL) buy your tickets on the Marketplace to get a pass and landmark to the games. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/91913?id=91913


Midian http://slurl.com/secondlife/Midian%20City/165/84/522

Necronom VI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desperation%20Andromeda/172/218/262

Warren Town http://slurl.com/secondlife/Warren/128/129/78


My Favorite Club, DJ’s and Hangout. I met them randomly at Burn2 but I must say I really love The Happy Clams from Organica, they’ve become like family to me. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Happy%20Clam%20Island/138/126/33


Breedables: Papillon Butterflies, Dragonflies and Fireflies in Particular

My booth at Flutters Auctions and Minimall http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little%20Star/209/100/23

Papillon Main Store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctum/220/197/778

The Breeder’s Borough Papillon Auctions and Market http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Borough%20Too/140/207/23

That’s not to mention all the hunts and fairs I’ve done, the performances of Phantom of the Opera, and the 52 weeks of color challenges and somewhere in there try to have a date night once in a while … No wonder it feels like I never have enough time to do it all!

I’m hoping to finish off my first year of the Renoobed project by adding at least one more Sports place, I’ve heard of Roller derby so I want to check that out. I still plan to blog about the Linden Homes and Linden Realms. I’ve had a blast driving a variety of silly vehicles up and down the Linden Roads outside my mainland home so I should write about that one of these days. I want to learn more about building, I understand there are building contests and classes I should look into. I’ve barely touched the surface of the live music scene and I can’t very well do a project about rediscovering Second Life if I don’t. I also recently acquired a mini war plane. I apparently can’t fly and take pictures at the same time but once I get the knack for that I’ll share it.

If you have any other suggestions for places to visit, things to do, or communities to get involved with please let me know by posting comments here or I suppose you can contact me other ways… but that always brings up to the question of who to contact.

I’ve rarely mentioned an SL account name on this blog or associated with this project, but it’s not because I have anything to hide, it’s just sort of seemed irrelevant in a way.  Renoobed has been about sharing things to do and places to go, great builds and fun communities, not about me.  Those who know me from forums or from my roleplay accounts, know me as pancake. No really, LOL, that’s a long time nickname I go by on all venues and across various SL accounts so feel free to call me pancake. I have a few SL accounts that are used for different RP characters, but those are gathering dust for the most part right now so if you need to contact me in world, the account I’m on most often when it’s related to this project is Felicity Francois.