Pueblo Dark and Pueblo Light

Luna Jubilee’s color choice for this week’s challenge is called Pueblo and the sample provided is a reddish brown of sorts.  I had no idea what I was going to wear but the name of it immediately made me think of Tableau for the location of the photoshoot.  Apparently I wasn’t alone!  Looking through the Flickr group there are quite a few that had the same idea.  Not surprising really, Tableau is so iconic as one of those few sims that combine a great shopping experience with whimsical novelty and things to do.

I spent a while walking around Tableau and getting inspired while randomly tossing on things from my inventory that came up after searching various colors; brown, rust, red… In the end, I don’t know if I achieved the color sample itself, but over all I felt the look said Pueblo.

Pueblo Dark

In this photoshoot, like most I do, I pick a spot and a pose and then start taking pictures while fiddling with lighting and camming around. It isn’t unusual for me to save a dozen or so to desktop with various angles and lighting before moving on to a new spot or pose. Usually I only chose one from each set to blog or put on Flickr, but this time I chose two.

Perhaps it’s just the sort of week I’m having, but I really liked the idea of using the same outfit, the same pose, the same exact spot but still showing two different feelings or vibes just through camera angle and windlight. Sort of a way of saying we all see the world the differently you know? That maybe the differences we see aren’t really there but are filters created by our own perception or angle…  I’m over thinking again aren’t I? OK… to the picture!

Pueblo Light

I sat on these pictures, and this post idea, for about 4 days now. I loved how they turned out, especially the colors in them that aren’t the pueblo challenge, in a way they lend to it even more but I just couldn’t get the right wording. I have no clue if the dual perception concept I was going for here makes sense or if I’m just babbling (again) but I knew I had to these down soon before the next color week starts.

Bracelet: One of my favorite things in Second Life – my Chum charm bracelet from Miel, a former subscribo gift
Skin: al vulo- leilani* april gold fish claveage sunkissed – former group gift
Hair: ::Exile:: Josie:Rust former Dressing Room Special
Poncho: [BUKKA]poncho ::stripe-graybrown:: lucky chair gift

One aside I wanted to note;  You recall my last post about my visit to the Second Life build based on the book Where the Wild Things Are?  Well  a few days after posting, the author Maurice Sendak whose story and artwork I had been so excited to experience, passed away.  RIP Mr. Sendak and thank you.

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