Half an Alpha and the Full Monty

I stopped in to see the new Collabor88 collection the other night.  I love these types of events, they enable me to have some of the latest and greatest things on the grid but within my budget.  I was grinning ear to ear as I picked up a sweater that is so so very me and a mesh mini skirt to go with it.  I put the skirt on, it fit pretty well other than my butt sticking out the back but once I added the alpha it was perfect.  I was so happy with the look over all that I wanted to show someone.  I’m naturally inclined to spend far far too much time in SL alone and in my sky box so I try to force myself to go out and meet people.  Feeling good about my new look, I browsed upcoming events and went clubbing!

That's better

After a couple of hours and the third club I got an IM from a guy I didn’t know, something like  “The no panty look is so hot”.  I just laughed because knowing I was wearing mesh, I knew that the upskirt was pretty much just a void.  The alpha masks make your insides invisible and I’ve already blogged about the death of the upskirt so I thought he was talking about that.  Then, I peeked down just for laughs and….

There she was, in all her naked glory.  The big V, the vajayjay, my bits, whatever you want to call them, there they were.  The Full Monty.

Remember I had put the skirt on before the alpha?  Well, apparently this alpha doesn’t completely cover everything.  That’s absolutely no fault of the creator and not a negative comment about the skirt.  It’s 100% user error.  I SHOULD have checked.  I just assumed I’d be a void under my skirt because I am every other time I wear an alpha with mesh.  Lesson learned.  From now on new rules folks.  1)  Always wear panties even if you think no one will see and 2) put the alpha on before the mesh just to be sure you know what it’s covering.

I’m not super worried about being naked, I spent years naked in gorean sims, but I really do my best to respect sim ratings so I was a bit embarrased about being at least partially nude in so many places.  I also like to know when I’m flashing the goods, know what I mean?

So anyway I’m telling this story today and then I had the most horrific thought.  Not only were those who upskirted me getting a good look, but anyone who has trouble seeing mesh, or hasn’t increased their MeshMaxConcurrentRequests wouldn’t have seen my skirt at all.  All they would have seen is the alpha and… you guessed it, a naked dancing hoohah.  How awesome is that?

First thing tonight when I logged in I checked, ok second, first I put panties on, but right after that I gave a check to see how it must have looked to those who don’t see mesh.

Note to Self

The void I can deal with, I’ve come to terms with the fact that people might see only the alpha, but that spot just below the void? The dark blue? That’s my panties, the ones I wasn’t wearing last night as I was club hopping. Can you imagine that half invisible half naked sight dancing around you? Sexy right?

I’m such a dork. I’ve been in SL how long now? Some five years and this reminds me of my first week in SL, the first club I ever went to I got the very same IM and had no clue how people could see up my skirt.  I hadn’t yet figured out how to cam very well, but I’ll get it right one of these days! Until then, well… KT said it best.

I know I took for granted that things
Would always go the way I wanted
I was going to be a treetop
A sea, a boat, a rock of ages

I don’t always get it right
I’d see it in a different kind of light

Pay my lip service
Keep it eloquent
Optimistic but
Never quite elegant
Still a weirdo
Still a weirdo, after all these years

A big thank you to all the creators at Collabor88 and my apologies for not doing your creations justice.

Mesh Mini: Skirt ::{u.f.o}::cocoon bells – alwayslace
Sweater: Kyoot – Soft Heart Cropped Top (Sky)
Both available at Collabor88 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tails/47/144/890

The fawn spotted skin that I’m wearing these days is the current group gift at Al Vulo and called Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly

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