Pink Inferno

This week’s color challenge was deep pink, but for some reason I kept thinking it was dark pink. That got me thinking, can pink be dark? Pink is so girly; tulips, Barbie and bubble gum and there’s nothing wrong with those things, but I was inspired to make a look that was Pink gone Dark.

I’m not personally familiar with a lot of stores that sell the type of style I had in mind, but I do know a DJ from Organica who always looks fashionably futuristic and Avant Garde wearing her very own line of clothes. So off to Ahimsa Balut’s *[Eclat]* I went. I noticed she had a whole collection called Noir, and in it? This outfit called Venus in a variety of colors including… Pink!

Eclat at Inferno

I added a few accessories from my inventory and then set off to find just the perfect place to capture the vision I had in mind. A day later, two days later, still nothing. I must have searched every word from graveyard to noir to goth and I saw dozens of cool sims, but nothing that really had the vibe I was going for. I wanted something almost disturbing but the most disturbing sim I know is Inferno. Why fight it right? It wasn’t just going to be dark pink, it was going to end up deep pink too, all the way through the levels of hell.

Deep Pink Infero

Inferno, as the name suggests, is a sim based on Dante’s poem the Divine Comedy with a level dedicated to each of the circles of hell and their vices. This sim has to be seen in person to appreciate the detail put in to align it with the poem but be warned, some areas are a little graphic. Let Virgil be your guide from Limbo through Lust, walk through Gluttony on your way to Greed, ending on the frozen Cocytus. It was a little tricky to photograph my avatar and the build at the same time because the scales are off, but I did my best with some creative camera angles.

Deep Pink

Corset, stockings, skirt, collar and Bolero: Venus Pink from *[Eclat]* by Ahimsa Balut

Eye Shadow: Le Tigre Rosetta only $9L from the Gatcha at Cheap Makeup

Skin: Ebba – [Fair] – 04 from LAQ
Hair: Alexis w/Roots – champagne from Truth
Boots: Corset Boots from Violent Seduction
Chain Veil: Salome Veil Black Diamond. I bought this at the ( bewildebeest ) closing out sale a few months ago but if you are looking for something similar, Ahimsa has some cool chain and veil accessories at *[Eclat]*

Location: Rebeca Bashly’s Inferno


Now, a post about pink? You know I have to.

3 comments on “Pink Inferno

  1. Had to scoot over from Flickr to learn more, those are amazing pics and you’ve really pulled off the shedevil in pink! Good colour for a succubus really. I am going to have to visit Inferno!

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