Lemon Chiffon at Noweeta Grassland

The last few weeks I’ve hated being in my SL house.  It’s not the location, I own a small parcel of mainland on a great sim, but I live on a sky platform.  It’s pretty bare as most of my prims are allotted to my papillon butterfly collection.  It never used to bother me, but now I log in there and just feel gross (yes that’s the official term) so I feed my flutters, change, and then get out as fast as I can.  I know I’m going to have to do something about this situation soon, but I don’t know what.

I could give up breeding butterflies, which might be a good idea since the sim I had my store on closed and I can’t afford the rent at the remaining breedable sims.  Most of the auctions aren’t at times that I’m able to attend or sell anything either, so the small income I was making from my flutters has dried up.  I could keep my flutters just for the joy of it, and I do love my hobby, but it means I have no prims to decorate my home.   I can’t justify buying more land, and probably can’t even afford the houses and décor I’d love to put on it if I did so, as I usually do when I have a major decision to make in SL, I just avoid the whole thing.  Second Life is really a procrastinator’s wonderland.

Lemon Chiffon at Noweeta Grassland

In addition to random exploring and hunts I’ve started spending a lot my time at a place called Noweeta Grassland.  It’s just a homestead with a café under the trees, but I discover something new each time I’m there, from hidden pose balls and picnic blankets, to hot air balloons and horseback riding.  You read that right, horseback riding!  There is no possible way I can do anything but grin as I ride a horse through the grasslands.  All those gross feelings; the frustration, the indecision, that emo cloud that threatens to rain a storm of woe is me just vanishes when I’m there.  When I saw that this week’s color challenge was Lemon Chiffon and the color sample provided was a pale yellow, I knew this was my chance to write about this beautiful spot.

My Quiet Place

I can’t pin point what it is about this sim that I like so much, it just feels comfortable, like home you know?  Even the look I put together for this challenge is more “me” than any other picture I’ve posted to date.  Maybe there is something I can do to my skybox to make it feel like this.  I like feeling like this.  Until then, I’ll just hang out here and chill.

I Like Feeling This Way

Dress:  Perry Sunshine – 75L project theomery from Paper.Doll
Hat:  VIP Summer Hat – one of the in store group gifts from Sweet Leo Needful Things (80L to join)
Boots:  Women’s Cowboy Boots Brown from Duh
Skin:  Lily v2 group gift from Belleza (250L to join)
Hair:  Evelyn Champagne from Truth
Noweeta Grassland

The song that goes with my lazy afternoon in the shade? It has to be this.

2 comments on “Lemon Chiffon at Noweeta Grassland

  1. Aww. I’m so sorry to hear about your home issues, but I have to say – sorry, but yep. The butterflies – or at least some of them! – will have to go. I avoid breedables like the plague; I can’t afford either the constant feeding or the time/responsibility to do it; but I do understand the attraction. Can you take them back into inventory so they don’t just die? And then maybe just keep a couple out and rotate which ones you display from week to week? That would be the ideal solution, if you can do it. Then you can have a pretty parcel AND your flutters.

  2. I know you are right Fledhyris, it’s time for me to give up at least some of them. I don’t keep as many as most people, but enough that it doesn’t leave a lot of prims for anything else. With this new urge I have to redecorate my home I think I’ll have to pare down to just a few of my favorites. Oh well, new adventures await!

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