Check Mate

I had so many big ideas for pictures and blog posts these past two weeks, but I’ve been both pressed for time or not finding the right location or look for what I see in my head. For example, this week’s color challenge was Cobalt and I found a fabulous pair of pants that just screamed the mood of Cobalt to me, but I could not find a shirt that worked with them. It shouldn’t have been that hard, but it was impossible. I toyed with the idea of a topless shoot, since the pants were to be the focus anyway, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Rather than force it and get frustrated I just went a completely different direction.

I read that Aleida was closing and all their items were 50 to 70% off until June 23rd so I stopped by to see if I could get inspired. When I saw this Chess outfit I knew my muse had returned. It’s not new, but it’s such a strong piece that the photos almost created themselves.

(click on pictures to see them larger)

Grand Entrance

Finding a location at first was tricky because I was stuck on the idea of using a chess board. I did find one huge chess board, but the background and surroundings kept interfering with my pictures. So I sat back and let my mind wander. Chess – Check Mate.  Mate – Spouse.  Spouse – Wedding.  Wedding – Church.  Church… you got it, Memento mori at Chouchou V. Again, not new, but a classic that’s worth revisiting as often as possible.

Check Mate

This next picture should probably have gone to my trash bin. A wonky graphics thing was happening and the dress was partially transparent showing my legs underneath. Those big sun Torley Windlights are fun, but anything photographed with them tends to no longer be the subject of the picture. The pose and angle are also strange, where is my other arm? Every time I look at it I see something else wrong, but I can’t stop looking at it. Maybe that’s all that matters though. Not the flaws themselves, but how I feel about it in spite of the flaws.

It Burns

As I played with the photos I was repeating that little saying, you know the one. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.
Maybe I was inspired by Cobalt after all.

Life is a Chess from Aleida closing Sale until June 23rd

Memento mori, Chouchou V

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