My Face? Epic Fail

I am really excited that Cristiano started a Faces of SLU project.  From Drow to Vampire, Cyborg to Gothic, it’s not just interesting to see the variety of content options there are out there, but more so how people use those options to make something uniquely their own and represent themselves in this virtual world.  My dilemma is, I don’t really have a face.

I have a voice, the voice I use here in this blog, the voice I use in various forums, the same voice I use when chatting with people in world or in email, but I’ve come to realize that I’m identifying less and less with any visual representation of me.  Where I can see someone else’s avatar and instantly recognize them, the same can’t be said about me, as those who see me inworld often comment on.

It’s really strange because in all the years I spent roleplaying, where I was most certainly the writer of a character and the teller of stories, a puppet master, I must have seen my avatars as my virtual identity or appearance.  My face.  If someone would have asked for a photo of me in SL I would have known exactly what style and look to show.  Now that I’m no longer in roleplay, now that there is no character and the only story is my own, it seems I’m distancing myself from identifying with the physical look of the avatar.

Perhaps I’m overthinking, it’s not like it would be the first time, but when Cris first asked for photos I really had to stop and think which I would use.  I have a few different alts, but that wasn’t the issue as I’m primarily down to one main for several months now.  The problem was I didn’t know which look to use.  Other than often being blonde on this account, I don’t have a style or a look.  Someone even commented recently that I don’t appear to have a regular skin.  It’s true!  Granted, for this blog I create mini characters specifically for the vignettes in the photos, where if I’m socializing in world I don’t tend to vary quite as much. Still, I don’t think I really have a face.

Rather than spin my wheels any further I just took a photo of myself at that moment.  If I do have a face in SL, this would be it these days.  I’ve been wearing this skin more often than not the last month which is a long time for me, and as I said before I tend to gravitate to blonde the last few months, but really it’s these fabulous new earrings I bought yesterday that make this photo totally me.  You might have to click and enlarge the photo to see them.

The Faces of SLU

As soon as I saw these on sale at Virtual Insanity for TOSL I knew I had to have them.  Maybe they will become my signature item.  No, I’m not beating myself up.  Not at all.  I like to embrace and share my mini failures, it’s what makes SL so much fun and how I learn.

However, if I’m going to wear my failures I want them to be cute, quirky and pastel.

2 comments on “My Face? Epic Fail

  1. Pancakes, I would argue that your voice is your true face in this virtual world. That voice is the core that is behind the characters and evolving appearance of your avatars…really for all of us it is that voice that is our true face.

    and the earrings, so very cute.

    • Perhaps you are right Sempati, I never thought of it that way. It would make sense in a world where we can look like anything that the one constant is our voice.
      Thank you for that!

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