Raspberry Del May

This week’s color challenge is a pinkish grey that Luna is calling Raspberry Glace. Of course, my brain immediately thought of the song Raspberry Beret and a look was born. Actually it was a pretty easy look for me. I almost feel like I’m cheating because the majority of this look is one of the prebuilt go-to outfits I often use for touring. I’ve mentioned my lack of footwear, so these color change boots from Miel were a great investment and are one the most versatile pieces I own.

Raspberry Del May

All I really had to do this week was find a new place to take pictures. Not that I have to for the challenge, but I like to put my own spin on it by showing not only clothing but places to see or things to do. I guess it’s because I don’t really think of this as a fashion blog. Renoobed is a journal of my travels and as the name suggests a project, an attempt to rediscover Second Life after some major transitions I went through.

My discovery this week is going to change not only this blog, but my entire Second Life.  It’s a pose store called Del May and it’s a game changer.

I’ve been fortunate through hunts, sales and events to collect a variety of poses from different stores, the majority from the generosity of Adorkable and I love them, don’t get me wrong.  I couldn’t have done any of the pictures I’ve done without the poses I have collected.  The problem has been that I often have an image in mind and don’t have the pose to go with it.  Second Life photos are frustrating that way.  In real life you could just tell the model “Arch your back” or “Lift your elbow” or “lean into me a bit”.  In Second Life you have to go shopping for the poses and hope that not only has someone made what you envision in your head, but that you can find it.  Well, that search is over.  I can only assume that I haven’t heard of Del May until now because the creator must have been living in the back of my brain and making all the crazy thoughts I have into poses.

I joined the group, picked up the couples pose gift, the free pack of Mime poses, and spent two nights just hanging out in the store.  I had to test every single pose… three times.  There is also a gallery upstairs with what I think are customer photographs.  Whose ever they are, I want to be like them when I grow up.

Then I started to look through the couples poses and the photographs that go with them.  They are so creative, anyone planning to do a couples pose must visit Del May.  There were two that were so inspiring to me,  that expressed through body language so many things I’ve wanted to say, so I had my mouse on the buy button and then it hit me. 

You know, the vast majority of my SL time is great.  I really enjoy the people I meet and places I go, and I’m thrilled with learning a new skill and really enjoy the time I spend putting together looks and lighting for photos.  Every now and again though, out of no where, this emo ninja kicks me in the gut.

Gut Punch

Anyway, enough of my nonsense.  It’s all good, I’m fine. Nothing that a little retail therapy couldn’t fix.  I don’t want to deter you from checking out the couples poses, it wasn’t my intent at all.  Trust me, anything that can trigger that kind of emotional response in a virtual world is worth taking a look at.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get one myself.

I have a handful of Del May’s singles poses now (with a plan to go back every pay day) and strong image in my mind for what I want to do for my next set of photos. I’m REALLY excited. It’s going to push the boundaries of my skills, that’s for sure, but I can’t wait to get started.  Don’t worry, you’ll get to see it soon.

Getting back to Raspberry, check out this incredible cover I found.  If you can’t see it, try looking up Jefferson Jonez raspberry beret.

Hair with color change beret:  Blair from Truth
Skin: Sally – previous anniversary gift from Al Vulo
Lashes: Babysitters Club Tattoo 9L gatcha item from Cheap Makeup
Eye Shadow: Le Tigre Silent Film 9L gatcha item from Cheap Makeup
Eyes: Ellis Lavender from Lelutka
Necklace: Stash Bash – former Stash Bash hunt item from Ducknipple
Shirt: Pink Grunge Layered tank 50L at [trs] for Grenade Free Wednesday
Shorts: 92DenimShorts Maroon from :::insanya:::
Fingerless Wool Gloves from *League*
Far Solid boots with color change boots and socks from Miel
Pose 1: DM Mime/In a box – part of the FREE set of mime poses at Del May
Pose 2: DM Mime/Point and laugh – part of the FREE set of mime poses at Del May

Location… well… LOL… I took the photos right in the store!

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