The Adventures of Unmellow Yellow

The name of the color challenge this week is Unmellow Yellow but we recently had a yellow challenge so I decided I’d try to focus on the unmellow part. After a trip to Vanilla C. Designs closing sale a hint of an idea was brewing but as I mentioned in my last post it was only after seeing the poses at Del May that my concept was really born. The incredible action poses I bought combined with a hooded latex look could mean only one thing, a comic book super hero. I present to you the Adventures of Unmellow Yellow.

Unmellow Yellow

Like any good super hero story, there has to be a part where our heroine is overcome by some sort of disaster. An explosion makes for a good action shot.

Blast of Unmellow Yellow

Meanwhile, as the villains have turned their back and think they’ve finished her off, Unmellow Yellow rises to fight again and now she’s pissed.

Toxic Unmellow Yellow

I admit, I had a bit too much fun putting this together. I think I have 30 shots but I narrowed it down to just a few for the blog post. I have a sneaky suspicion that Unmellow Yellow will end up making another appearance though.

The location for this shoot is a collaboration between particle artist Tyrehl Bek and ambient music artist Ultraviolet Alter. I’m not sure that what I did with it is what they originally intended, so please do have a look at this post about the LEA exhibit called Almost Flat Land. It’s a great concept, and even better in person when you can experience the sounds, media, and of course the particles. Many of the LEA builds are limited time, so be sure to stop by as soon as you can.

I was able to create this character’s look by adding several tattoo makeup layers. Probably one of the best things that’s happened to SL in a long time because it allows each of us to personalize skins and create our own look for very little cost. If you combine more than one layer, you can end up with something completely unique. Let me show you.

Makeup Layers

The base skin, shown in photo A is Ebba Fair from LAQ, a nice neutral skin which is what I gravitate towards more and more now knowing that I can customize them with makeup. The B layer is black tears that I got free at Para Designs and layer C is yellow under eye liner with lashes that I got for 9L in the gatcha at Cheap Makeup. Last, but certainly not least, the D layer is just one of the color mask face tattoos available from Nuuna. For only 100L this Zion pack comes with 11 different colors. I’ll definitely be using these again. When I combined all three and added some black eyes, Unmellow Yellow was born.

Speaking of customizing, combining and covering, I think it’s time for this posts theme song don’t you? Again, I’m linking a cover and not just because I love them. Toxic feels like a good fit as a song for our heroine but this version by Yael Naim seems to suit Unmellow Yellow a bit more than the original.


Full outfit called C-005 includes hood, mask and boots only 100L at Vanilla C. Designs closing sale from June 8th to July??? Go now because I don’t know the end date

Skin: “Ebba Fair” from LAQ
Tattoo Layer B: “Bleeding Eyes Goth” free gift at Para Designs
Tattoo layer C: “Under Eye Shadow 11” 9L gatcha from Cheap Makeup at Tableau
Tattoo layer D: “Zion 2 Yellow Tat” from +Nuuna+ only 100L for a pack of 11 colors
Eyes: “Illyria Blackness” past Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift from Snatch
Pose 1: “DM – You were saying something?” by Del May
Pose 2: “DM – Holding apart” by Del May
Pose 3: “DM – Swanny male” by Del May

Location: Tyrehl Byks Almost Flat Land

Read more about it here

3 comments on “The Adventures of Unmellow Yellow

  1. Thank you for the comments and welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.

    A friend just told me I must have been chanelling Asajj Ventress, the dark jedi/Sith. It’s so true I don’t know why that didn’t click in before but gives me a whole new set of ideas. I need red light sabers now.

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