Rust in Forgotten City

From the moment I saw that this week’s color challenge was Rust, I knew I wanted to do a Steampunk inspired shoot to once again play off the word or name as much as the color itself .  I had this vague concept of Amelia Earhart as an Airship Captain.  When I was touring the Fifty Linden Friday list and  saw that Nomine had a really fun outfit with goggles and Clawtooth had this hair I knew it was meant to be.

I'm Getting Rusty

There are quite a few great sims if you are interested in the Steampunk genre, but in the end I decided to spend some time at an old favorite, Forgotten City.  I’ve been there a few times now but have never photographed it.  Perhaps I was unconsciously saving it as my personal playground, or maybe I just had too much fun to think of pictures during those visits .  Whatever the reason, I decided it was long past time I photograph and tell you about it because there is just so much to do at Forgotten City.

Rust in The Forgotten City

I highly recommend the antique ski jumping and visiting the JD Mechanical toy factory; but there is fishing, a shooting gallery, a guided tour on a Zeppelin, the most unique dance hall you’ve ever been in and quite a few little games that are just so silly you can’t help but laugh.  Be sure to tour all over, you can use the TP sign or a row boat!  You can even rent a home in Forgotten City.

Betting on Rust

My look?  Well it’s a mashup of about 3 different outfits and 2 hunt gifts. I guess that’s what steampunk is about though, taking what you have and repurposing it, so I was really getting into the spirit of the whole thing.  I loved the look I came up with so much I’ve been wearing it for two days, I even wore it during the weekend Solstice Party at Organica.

While I was there I had a chat with the ever fabulous OneGirl Riot and was telling her that I find choosing a song for the color challenges adds an extra layer of inspiration, a well of creativity I can tap into.  We decided to collaborate, as her musical knowledge is about a thousand times larger and more diverse than mine, she’s going to help me chose theme songs for the challenges.

For this post though, I’m going to use the song I was playing while I took the pictures. Abney Park’s Wanderlust is not just perfect for this post, but if you read the lyrics it’s quite fitting for my SL and this entire Renoobed project as well.


Hair:  Modern Gibson Dreamy Red 50L Friday item at Clawtooth
Goggles and Belt: Part of the Steampunk Pinstrip outfit for 50L Friday at Nomine
Pants: Ja Jolla Panel Jeans Oiled Rust from The Sea Hole
Vest: Believe it or not this is not part of the same outfit as the pants, it’s the top of a dress called Aeme at The Sea Hole
Blouse: Poet Shirt Gold is the TOSL Birthday Hunt Gift at Sassy
Scarf: Izzies Little Scarf Beige TOSL Birthday Hunt Gift at Izzies comes in 14 colors
Necklace: Drinking Water Looking Glass from Bewildebeest (now closed)
Boots: Sock Top Riding boots from Duh
Skin: Giulia Malice past gift from Al Vulo
Poses: From Adorkable’s Advent Calender Collection
Location: Forgotten City

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