Cadmium Red [Rosal]

As I mentioned for last color challenge, I’m going to start collaborating on these with my favorite DJ so I showed Riot this week’s color challenge sample,  Cadmium Red and she linked me a song to go with it.  I loved her song choice, and though I was not familiar with Goldfrapp prior to this, I think Strict Machine is currently my favorite song.  The color already reminded me of fast cars, motorcycle racing, skin tight leathers but once the electronic element was added my mind started to wander towards Tron.  With my new post processing toys I was actually able to reproduce the vision in my head.

Wonderful Electric

I found these delicious black latex mesh boots from [Rosal] with electric glow lines that are actually color change so red was not a problem.  While there I saw matching waist corsets and neck corsets and had to have them.  This look begged for some of the action shots from Del May, but when I paired it all, I had a problem.  The very thing I love about these poses, the awkward angles, didn’t work so well with the corsets I had bought.  Just as I was debating showing only the mesh boots, or giving up my whole concept all together, I got a delivery from Tsarina Mint the creator of [Rosal].  She was replacing both corsets for anyone who had recently bought the previous non mesh versions with complimentary copies of her brand new mesh versions.  I immediately tried them on and squealed.  Now I’m no rigging expert, but I’m absolutely in love with how these pieces move with my avatar.  I think I tried every pose and dance I had and then contact her bubbling over with excitement and gratitude.

Strict Machine

It was about then that Elysium sent me a teleport to come look at a chair and I struck up a conversation with a guy named Bastion Flare who was also in the store.  Somehow the topic turned to blogging, as he’s started a new blog so I told him about my boots (which I wasn’t wearing at the time) and my plan.  That’s when he presto changed into a latex clad glowing red accents look he had previously put together.  It was like he walked out of the picture I hadn’t even created yet. The latex body suit he had on was going to be a perfect match for my new Rosal items so he brought me to Neuro Lab and I picked up the female version.

Cadmium Red

The whole encounter was such a funny random coincidence that I had to ask him to pose with me for this so I could show you the group gift couples pose from Del May.  I think he probably was a bit uncomfortable.  I mean, it’s not every day that a random stranger dresses up in latex and asked you to pose with her… Or is it? Thank you Bastion!

Locked in Red

If you listen to the song while looking at the pictures, I have to say I think it all works really well.  I’m so glad Riot has agreed to help me out with the color challenges, the extra inspiration and creative mojo has made all the difference.


[Rosal] Viron Thigh High Mesh Boots with color change glow lines
[Rosal] Viron Waist Corset with color change glow lines  NEW MESH VERSION
[Rosal] Viron Neck Corset with color change glow lines  NEW MESH VERSION

Gynoid Catsuit with hood from Neurolab. Inc
Al Vulo Frida Passion Skin (previous group gift)
Zion 2 Red Makeup Tattoo from +Nuuna+
Poses from  Del May
Couples Pose current Del May group gift called Locked

Location: Insilico, mostly on the cyber space platform, but there are several sims to explore for roleplay, shopping and of course great backdrops for pictures.

Picture One is post processed using various effects in Pic Monkey
The remaining pictures were only cropped and tweaked slightly for contrast or lighting.

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