Shoes, Bubble Gum, and a Fancy Chair

I’ve seen people with bubble gum a few times over the years in SL and I always think to myself “I’d like to have some gum too” but I never ask them where they got it because people can be strange about that.  I suppose I could have clicked to inspect their gum, but I just didn’t for whatever reason.  Got distracted probably.

None of that matters now though, because I have my own gum.  I’ve been wearing and staring at it for days.  The bubble grows, and grows, and grows, and then pops on your face and then gets sucked back in to start the cycle all over again.  I should have taken a video to show you, but this will have to do.

One Voice:  Blow-up Bubble Gum

The gum is by Blow-Up and I got it at the One Voice event.  If you haven’t heard of the One Voice event it’s a fund-raiser for Gala Phoenix of Curio Skins to help her with the cost of a legal battle.  I won’t go into all the details, several others have done it far better than I could, but if you want to read more about the situation  I recommend the Curio Blog itself to read Gala’s statement, or The Blogging Elf’s recap or some of the posts on Salome Says, this one in particular.  You might also want to check out the a list of creators and the items they’ve put up that are either 50% or 100% donation to Gala Phoenix in her copyright battle.

I have dropped by a few times since it opened, and managed to pick something up each time, much of which has been on various feeds so I won’t blog them all but you will probably see me in them soon.  I can’t not mention this fabulous lawn chair though.

One Voice: Sway's Lawn Chair

It’s by Sways and also at the One Voice event.  It has 10 sits and a guitar playing animation that rezzes a guitar.  This was too perfect for my deck, which is small, but needed a little something to perk it up.  I now have the perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset and, coincidentally enough, a post which ties into Elysium’s fancy chair challenge.

One Voice Fund Raiser for Gala Phoenix of Curio Skins

Have a look at the shoes I’m wearing.  I really wanted to mention these, they aren’t from the One Voice event, but they are a perfect addition to my inventory and I think just about everyone needs a pair.  They are made by Snow Bristol and you can get them on the Marketplace for only $99l.  They are mesh and come with a hud that allows you to color change different parts independently.  There so many different options I’ll never run out of possibilities with these.

The Tank Top is by Envy Me, also from the One Voice Event and the band aid on my nose?  It’s the gift from .::CENSORED::. in a new hunt I’m currently doing, the Makeup and Tattoo hunt.  Here is the blog with hints in case I don’t get a chance to tell you more before it’s over.

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