A Punch of Persian Rose… or not

This week’s Color Challenge was a bright pink called Persian Rose which should have been a no brainer for me as half my inventory is pink.

At first I had a fabulous idea to play off the word Persian but I got sidetracked with a bunch of other things.  I’m going to have to learn to manage my time better in SL, or make an alt to work on this blog because I’m getting frustrated and disappointed that I’m moving further and further away from the original premise of finding things to see and do in SL.  I don’t blame anyone else, I just need to learn to say no sometimes or set myself as busy more often.

So today I realized it was the last day of the challenge and I hadn’t even started so I was in a bit of a panic.  I could have just slapped on any number of things from my inventory and called it done, but I like to use these challenges to push myself and spark my creativity so I wanted to do more.  Normally for color challenges I try to use as much of the color as possible but this time I had a different idea.  What if I use a totally neutral palette and make the challenge color pop by being a contrasting accent?

Persian Rose

Hey, not bad, even the pink books stand out.  Let’s just pretend there isn’t a cactus growing out of my boob ok?

The skirt alone wasn’t enough though, I needed one more punch of Persian Rose so I asked in the MOCK group chat for ideas for jewellery stores.  I don’t have a lot of jewellery, and a few big name stores come to mind but I find that group often has lots of ideas for places I’ve never been.  To my surprise, bracelets started dropping down on me from a perfect stranger.  It turned out that one of the members, Endra Graves, owns a jewellery store, one I’d never heard of despite it being around for 4 years and she wanted to show me a few samples of her work.  I liked the bracelets so much I stalked her profile and ended up at her store Artistry by ~ E ~  and bought these earrings that were exactly the extra pop I needed.

Sometimes we get caught up in shopping the same stores we always shop, or the same ones we always see on the feeds and blogs, it felt good to learn about a new store and even better to be able to tell you about it in case you’ve never been.  I know I have my eye on a few other sets for future challenges.

Persian Rose in the Bedroom

Where am I in this picture? It’s new my skybox.  Well, technically I’m in the demo because I can’t currently rez it on my land.  Yes, I bought a skybox I have no where to put.  I suppose if I pick up everything from my beach I could rez it, but I’m pretty happy right now living on the beach but this loft was too amazing to pass up so I bought it hoping to use it in the future.  It makes me feel like a trendy city girl, a modern day Mary Tyler Moore, which in hindsight probably played no small part in the outfit I put together.

The skybox is called Stockholm Attic by Barnesworth Anubis currently available at Collabor88 this month for 188L unfurnished and 388L furnished.  It’s 68 prims unfurnished and 16×24 m footprint, or 28x24m with the backdrop surround so you have a view out your window.

Persian Rose in the City

At the end of it all, as much as I love the look I put together and am pleased with the photos, I don’t think my experiment worked.  I don’t look at these and think Persian Rose.  If anyone would have told me that I would have had to take a pass on pink of all colors, I wouldn’t have believed them but it looks like I won’t have a submission for this week.

Oh well, I have a new skybox tucked away for the next time I move and discovered a new jewellery store so it was definitely worthwhile.

Earrings:  The Jordan by Endra Graves of Artistry by ~ E ~


Skirt:  {SMS} High Waist Pattern Skirt Zig Zag available at The Dressing Room

Shirt:   Pandora Sand  only 25L at the  -paper.doll-  Summer Clearance Sale

Hair: Kirby w/Roots  champagne from  >TRUTH<  (yes, mesh hair again,there’s no stopping me now)

Skin:  Ebba – [Fair] – 04 from LAQ

Shoes: Delphine’s Pumps in Gold Subscribo Gift from Shiny Things

Eyes:  Ellis Lavender by [LeLutka]

Poses:  Back Up Mini Series by !bang available this month at COLLABOR88

Skybox and Furniture: Stockholm Attic by [ba] barnesworth Anubis available this month at COLLABOR88

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