Wedding On The Beach In Wales

I was thrilled when I saw that this week’s color challenge was a green called Wales.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally get excited about green in general, but I’d recently picked up this grass skirt outfit called Wedding on the Beach from Boudoir that I thought would make a really fun photoshoot and this gave me a perfect reason to use it. It does come with a bikini which I, of course, presumed to be optional.

Wales Gone Wild

I really like the outfits at Boudoir, though admittedly I can’t see myself wearing many of them in my day to day Second Life, I do think they make for fantastic photo opportunities. I tend to stalk the Vitabela blog  to see all the wonderful works posted there, many of which feature creations from Boudoir.  In these shots, I was able to play with some of the focus and blurring effects and tools in both Second Life and Picmonkey to add to the perception of movement in the grass skirt, as if she was dancing, or at least that was what I was trying to do.

To find a location I searched for “Tropical” in the search, and limited the selections to only Adult rated sims as I knew I was at best mostly naked. After two pages of nudist beach results, I decided why not and popped over to one. It did have people around, but they were all understanding when I explained that I was there to take pictures, and either went on their way or stood out of the shot to watch. Well, other than the one guy who kept riding this dragon like creature over my head and casting shadows. No harm done though, the diversity of our world and the ways in which we chose to enjoy it is a huge part of the magic of Second Life.

Wedding On The Beach

I’m not sure if it was because of the darker skin and hair I chose for this set, or the grass and flowers of the outfit, but this made me nostalgic for my gorean panther girl character. People often ask me if I miss it, and there is no easy answer to that. I do miss writing, I miss that feeling of losing myself in a story, I miss watching a character come to life and take on a life of her own and I especially miss some of the friends I had when I roleplayed. Recently I’ve had a few people contact me and invite me to come see a new sim or join them in a scene or a story, and as tempting as that does sound, I’m not ready to go back yet. Something in the way I’m built can’t do things half assed, when I play, I commit 110% and though I don’t regret all the hours I’ve devoted to various sims, stories and players, I reached a point where I had nothing left. Those reserves have built back up since my time away, but until I’m confident that I can go back and maintain a roleplay story and character without over extending myself and burning out again so it’s best that I stay here in out of character land exploring what else Second Life has to offer.

That doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally wish I had reason to flash my boobs though and this outfit lends itself quite well to that, so I am going to include a gratuitous nudity shot behind the spoiler after the credits.

Outfit: “Wedding on the Beach” group gift at Boudoir (bikini portion not shown)
Hair:  “ffwd Kahlua” hair fair gift from Analog Dog
Skin: “chen blackpearl choco” former group gift from Al Vulo
Poses: Del May
Location: A nudist beach somewhere in Second Life

NSFW after the cut

Here comes the Bride

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