Not Tonight Honey, I Just Did My Nails

I recently read about a new blog and photo challenge starting up called Single Frame Stories.  I obviously don’t have enough on my SL plate so I decided to jump right in.  This challenge is PERFECT for me because it will not only give me much needed practice with the technical part of my photos, but it’s going scratch my roleplaying itch to create stories and help my writing too.  You see, the goal is to create a story using only an image and up to 140 characters.  Moi?  Need to learn brevity?  Say it isn’t so.

The subject for this week was “Last Words”

Last Words (Single Frame Story Challenge - Week One)

I originally hoped to come close to reaching the level of depth and profound messaging that Whiskey captures in her “My tweets as pictures” series, but I am who I am, and when I saw this pose prop I knew I had my one frame story.

Any double entendre is completely accidental, of course.


Nail Polish Bottle with four poses:  “Pretty in Pink” pink ribbon hunt prize from Nani poses
Nails:  “Killer Queen Nails” pink ribbon hunt prize from Adoness
Mesh Bikini: “Barbie Bikinis” pink ribbon hunt prize from Sakide
Read more about the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer awareness and fundraising Fair and Hunt here.

Skin:  Isla Medium Peach from *League*
Hair: Rhonda w/roots Barley from Truth

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