Vintage Jonquil From ColdLogic

This week’s colour challenge is Jonquil and though it feels to me that we’ve had a lot of yellow, I didn’t mind this color at all because the name alone makes me smile. Jonquils remind me of being a kid, probably because that’s what my parents actually called them. I think I was in my teens before I heard the word Daffodil and to this day I’m not entirely sure if the two are actually the same plant, but these yellow bursts of spring will always be Jonquils to me. Though I’m hardly feeling springish, I originally planned to do an Easter like photoshoot complete with bonnet or white patent shoes because that’s how the word makes me feel. Nostalgic.

There was a dramatic change in plans when I saw the ColdLogic collection for Vintage Fair.

Vintage Jonquil

I had originally planned this as a preview, but I was having a massive creativity block. I did three separate sets of photoshoots with this dress, and only had 100 pictures in my desktop trash to show for it. Something wasn’t clicking, whether it was the struggle of trying to capture both a nostalgic and a vintage vibe, or not finding the right location, I don’t know but my mojo was just off and I know to take a break when that happens. I went blog surfing and found a post on Ziki’s Blog called Black Kite and as I’d never been there before I decided to go touring until my muse came back. Guess what I walked into? A patch of Jonquils. I can’t even make this stuff up guys.


With the color challenge out of the way, it was time to get down to serious business. Serious being, squeeing like a maniac that Chic Management’s Vintage Fair was finally open! I don’t normally blog about Fairs, though I do attend them, but most have a list of official bloggers who do a great job covering it and there isn’t much I can add. Vintage Fair feels a bit different to me, maybe it’s the roleplayer in me that finds it fun to dress up in different eras.

Except the 80s, and I can’t even believe the 80s are vintage now. I have this little rule you see, if I wore it the first time around, I probably shouldn’t wear it the second. I’m going to apply that to my virtual life as well. I have school photos with 80s hair, one shoulder exposed and big earrings, I sooo don’t need to see myself like that again. There’s only so much nostalgia one can take. Luckily for me, ColdLogic’s collection has a distinctive seventies flair and with 7 new mesh dresses with names like Partridge and Brady, I just had to …

ColdLogic Collection for Vintage Fair

As I start to wear more and more mesh, I’m becoming better acquainted with what works well on me, and what details to look for. Now I’m not one to criticize anyone’s creations, I could be given a rigged template, a texture, and a step by step youtube video and I still couldn’t make a thing.  That said, I am learning to recognize those extra details that add to a superior piece of work and from my untrained eye I do believe ColdLogic is really one of the leaders in the field of mesh clothing. It’s hard to tell in my pictures, but the folds in the mesh line perfectly to the shading, adding so much definition. The details are incredible, from the clasp on the belt to the zipper pull at the back of the dress. They are also lined, which I love, and they include a leg darkening tattoo layer that I much prefer to having nude legs that suddenly vanish into invisible. The lining and the tattoo create more a shadow effect under the clothing. I’m really excited to see how far mesh has come, and where we’ll be with it in another six months or a year.

You can get all seven dresses, in various colors at Vintage Fair which opened today (August 4th) and continues through to August 29th. With over 250 creators featuring new creations from the 1920’s through 1980’s you’re sure to find something interesting, and not just clothing. Have a look at the official list of particpants, complete with maps and slurls.  There is also a Vintage Fair Flickr Photo Contest with over 115,000L in prizes.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to enter or not, if the right picture comes along in the next few weeks I’ll enter, but if not that’s ok, I’m going to focus on the weekly photohunt challenges for now.

Credits for First Two Photos:
Dress: Cleaver in Butter by ColdLogic available at Vintage Fair
Skin: Isla Medium Peach from *League*
Hair: Betty Jupiter from Truth
Poses: !Bang
First two photos shot at Black Kite

Collage Set:
Dresses from the new Vintage Fair collection by ColdLogic
Skin: Isla Medium Peach from *League*
Hair: Kirby w/Roots Champagne from Truth
Poses: Olive Juice, Adorkable and Fri.Day

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