[-p-] Lil Witch Goes Off The Wall

I recently decided it was time to tackle my bloated and chaotic inventory.  At one time, I prided myself on keeping it perfectly organized and under 10K (I once heard somewhere this was optimal for performance but I have no idea if that’s true).  Hair:  Long, Short, Up, Ponies, Pig Tails and subfolders within those by creator.  Camisks:  Torn, Working, Dancing, Modest, and subfolders within those by color.

However, since I’ve started this project it’s become a minefield!  I keep folders for each hunt, but within those folders are items I’ve never opened, and everything should be placed in their proper spots like Dresses or Jewellery once the hunt is over.  I have hundreds of items in my object folder, never opened, group gifts and random things I’ve picked up in my travels I guess.  I saw the dial click over 19,000 and though some of it can be attributed to the cocoons from my breedables, and some is because I keep all 5 sizes of every mesh item I own, I know a lot can be purged.

I managed to get rid of about 2k easily enough by deleting notecards, landmarks and items I know for sure I’ll never wear again.  Then I started opening things,   I’m now over 20K and it was starting to look better organized, but I got distracted when I found this head called Lil Witch.

Blogging For Chocolate

I must have picked up this head when I got and blogged the Glados Doll group gift from [-p-]ixels and never tried it on.  I immediately fell in love and set about putting together a look to go with it.

I’m always impressed and amazed by the beautiful near real looking creations in Second Life, but the charming and whimsical will always have a special place with me.  Sure, it’s nice to put together a pretty or sexy avatar, but there is nothing like roaming the grid as purely silly.  I wore this head for three days, and I can’t believe the number of comments I’ve gotten from strangers.  It’s the best conversation starter I’ve ever had.

I then had to find the right location for pictures, her natural habitat, but the usual sims I look to wouldn’t seem right for my Lil Witch so I headed to the Destination Guide (have I mentioned I hate SL search?)

When I saw a picture of Off The Wall I knew it would be perfect.  I spent the first half hour or more laughing about all the interesting games, gadgets and accessories in the store, then set about exploring the landscape.  The combination of my avatar and the setting made me feel like I was in a completely different environment, I could almost forget it was Second Life for a moment.  It’s wild that a build can do that, trick my brain in that way.

Keep Calm and Blog

It seemed a perfect opportunity to use Adorkable’s Blogger Bubble gift that includes several poses and a caption bubble with a menu.  I’m really thrilled with how this turned out, even the sayings on the captions seem to work with the theme.

It was only afterwards, as I was putting this post together, that I re-read the description on the Destination Guide.

 Beneath the giant toys is a sensory overload of fun quests to complete for prizes, constructed by equally colorful characters. Don’t miss the many crazy references to geek culture, video games, Internet memes, and more.

Quests?  Prizes?  I was so overwhelmed with how fun it felt, I never noticed this.  I’ve done a quick google search and found that Off The Wall has been around for years, so maybe the quest is over and the description not updated?  Either way, I think a return trip is in order.

[-p-] Lil’ Witch Head (w/Hair_STYLE2) and [-p-] Lil’ Witch Skin group gifts from [-p-]ixels
Dress:  Pammy Dress  Candy Corn 3 – Old Halloween Hunt prize from Cupcakes
Shoes:  Gloss Doll Platform Jane Safety Orange from +DV8+ (no longer available)
Happy Duck Ring gatcha from ::LEO-NT::
Panda Necklace former hunt gift from Izzie’s
Very Berry Striped Socks lucky board at *katat0nik*
Poses and Caption Bubble Gift at Adorkable
Location: Off The Wall

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