Illumination Repurposed

I started this blog, and the whole Renoobed project, in order to find ways to fill some gaps that existed in my Second Life. It’s worked quite well in that I’ve discovered many new interesting things to do as well as met quite a few incredible people, but as I approach the one year mark of this project I can’t help but notice I’m in a chicken and egg situation. I log in to SL in order to have something to blog about, and I blog in order to have a reason to log into Second Life.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve decided to take some time away from both to think about where I want to go from here. Do I want to continue the blog, and if so, will it keep the same purpose or shift direction? Do I want to continue in Second Life without the Renoobed project as my primary activity and purpose, and if not what will I do instead?

These aren’t easy questions but I do know I’m not likely to solve them by overthinking, so while I’m waiting for serendipity to show up and give me a direction this is a really good time for me to cut way back on the online time anyway for a variety of reasons that aren’t really appropriate to discuss here. I know, you thought I was an emotional exhibitionist, but there actually are some things I don’t talk about.

Other than five minutes every few days to clear messages and check on my Papillon Breedables, I only logged in once this last week, Wednesday for the photohunt challenge. We were given a landmark for the Purple Sim, an hour to take our best photo and come back to submit it, and told there was no theme.

No theme? That turned out to be considerably harder than it sounds, too many options, and decision making isn’t exactly my strong suit lately. Unconsciously I must have had the Single Frame Story Challenge subject of Illumination in the back of my head, because I was instantly drawn to the buoys around the bay. I snapped each of the different types in a variety of lighting and angles, but in the end settled on this one to submit for the challenge.

Illumination Repurposed

I didn’t even place, though I’m not surprised, it’s a complicated dark image that I’m honestly not even sure if I like but it captured the frame of mind I was in and felt right at the time. Voting was difficult too, with no set theme for the challenge the group really brought back a wide variety of photos and with no comparison factor it was hard to pick a favourite.

As Friday rolled round, the deadline for the Single Frame Story hit and I still hadn’t been back in Second Life so rather than log in I just chose to use the same photo I did on Wednesday since it was still on my desktop. It was clear that I must really have had Illumination on the brain when I did Wednesday’s challenge and took these, because the caption just wrote itself when it came time to make it a story.

I may try to pop in for the Photohunt challenges on Wednesdays, as I really do enjoy them and it’s only an hour once a week, but I’m not planning to be around much more than that so I won’t likely have anything further to blog in the coming weeks.  If I don’t plan to have a chicken there can’t be any eggs, or is it that I don’t have eggs so there won’t be a chicken?

Either way, I’ll see you in September and I wish you well.


PS – Don’t worry, this isn’t an emoflounce, I WILL be back in Second Life if not blogging.  The Happy Clams have secured an excellent spot for Burn2 and I have full intentions of finding myself a hooping animation and prop between now and then so I can dance on the speakers.

4 comments on “Illumination Repurposed

  1. I’m feeling a bit chicken and egg myself lately, but I’m still enjoying it (for the most part). Have fun on your online vacation and I hope you enjoy whichever road you choose. Cheers!

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