My Own Shades of Grey

I actually don’t have much to say today, imagine that. This post is primarily to show some of the photos I’m working on because I’m in love with how they turned out.

A moment of monochrome

I wish I could take credit for artistic vision, but alas this was completely accidental. I was standing 1300m in the air above a sandbox unpacking recent group gifts from Magika and Glam Affair, testing out the tub prop I picked up at Baffle’s closing sale and things just sort of came together in this monochromatic pallette that really appealed to me.

The first image was barely post processed, a bit of cropping, smoothing some hair and contrast. The rest was just achieved with lighting in SL and, as I said, the colors of the items themselves were in these grey tones.

This next one I went a bit wild with picmonkey. I suppose to some it could look morbid, but that wasn’t my intent. I thought it was serene.  It’s funny how we all see different things in images, even ones without color.


I guess you just never know what’s happening on the platform above you in a sandbox.


Skin:  Roza Unnamed  – Glam Affair Group Gift (Happy Birthday Aida!)
Hair:  [Blood] Faint – Magika Group Gift
Bathtub with animations:  Baffle (now closed)

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