Wicked Ride

Let’s just get this out of the way off the top.  I’m not happy with these pictures.  They’ve been sitting on my desktop for days as I purse my lips and glare at them.  It’s not just the graphics problems, which I’ll get to in a bit, but this set didn’t turn out how I imagined it would.  Sometimes I wish I was a magician and could pull a chain of handkerchiefs out of my ear, and on them would be the images I see in my head.

Last week DJ Mabb played some Melody Gardot during her set at Unhinged and I’ve been on a smoky blues jazzy kick ever since.  I was deep in that headspace when I saw the new release from ColdLogic  included this amazing mesh pencil skirt.  Love, love pencil skirts but I’ve never been able to make them work for me until now.  This one fit like a glove.  A concept was slowly taking shape when I read that this Luna’s color challenge this week was Cotton Candy  and I immediately remembered my favorite pink boots from Gos that I can never have enough opportunities to wear.  With Melody streaming in my ear, feeling good in my skirt and boots I set about framing the perfect smoky sultry shot.  Some thirty pictures later…

My Picture Is Borked

Not bad.  It probably doesn’t do the skirt as much justice as I really should, and it would be a hard sell to say this shot screams cotton candy pink, but over all the vibe is really close to what I was going for.  Wait a second.  What the heck is that on the back wall?  Those green swirly lines.  You see them?  I didn’t see them when I was taking it, they only appeared on the picture.  When I tried to lighten up this shot a bit so you could see the skirt better, the green swirls just leapt off the screen so I went back to the original coloring but I know they are there and it’s bugging me to no end.

Annoyed, but undaunted, I chose another from the dozens I had saved.  This time brighter and a different angle.  I’m on the fence about the composition and expanse of empty space on this one.  It’s either brilliant or really, really bad.  People make composition sound so easy “Oh, just divide your image into thirds”.  Pfft.  In fact, pfft two times.  That’s like telling someone driving  is easy, just put your foot on the gas.

Worrisome Heart

Originally I was planning to fill this skybox with plants, artwork and accessories I’d picked up from the Unhinged Gatcha Fair but when I rezzed it empty I liked how it felt.  It worked for this set.  When I showed the test shot to a friend we had this great conversation where he asked me if she was coming or going.  I love that, I love creating pictures that make people think.  I love the fact that even I don’t know what she’s doing.  It could be her first night in a new apartment; her stuff hasn’t arrived yet, so she builds a fire, pours a glass of wine and wraps her arms around herself as she makes plans for her new life. Then again, maybe she’s leaving.   Maybe the movers have just left and she is taking one last look around her empty space, savouring the last of the memories before heading out the door.

The door.  What the heck is going on with the door?  What are those lines?!  Grrr.

I really don’t know what’s going on with my graphics.  I hope my card isn’t dying, I hope it’s something I’m doing wrong because then there is a chance I can fix it.

So I sat on these images for a few days trying to decide what to do.  Retake the whole set and hope the problem is resolved?  Trash them?  Believe me, I trash hundreds of pictures a week so it shouldn’t be that hard, but something was keeping me from doing it.  I uploaded them to Flickr but wasn’t sure if I’d blog them or not but in the end you can see I have.

They aren’t perfect.  They aren’t what I was imagining and hoping they would be.  What is though?  I’m certainly not.  I realized that if I stopped focusing on the faults, stopped being so hard on myself, and let the sounds of Melody Gardot take me to another time, another place, a world where this woman’s story was just unfolding then maybe, just maybe it would be a Wicked Ride.

Mesh Pencil Skirt: “Bradley Smoke” NEW from coldLogic
Boots: “Desire Bootie Baby Pink” previous hunt gift from [Gos]
Hair: “Jade w/Roots – oasis” from >TRUTH<
Top: “Vamp Corset Top White” from Sn@tch
Skin: “Isla Medium Peach” from *League*
Location: “Stockholm Skybox Unfurnished” from Barnesworth Anubis

2 comments on “Wicked Ride

  1. and my first thought was “who is coming through the door that has her wearing a corset, a pencil skirt and some smoking pink boots?” I will never understand ‘thirds’ ever…ever! But I do like those pictures minus the green swirls (windlight mayhem perhaps?)

    • Phew! Thanks Misty. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks this rule of thirds is more complicated than it sounds, or rather, doesn’t always mean the best shot. As for the swirls, I’m hoping it was a lighting effect of some sort and I haven’t been able to reproduce it so it must have just been whatever combo I did that day.

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