Visiting the Warbugs with Skulprit Vehicles from Unhinged

We recently got word that Unhinged raised enough for Eku to schedule and receive her surgery. I’m so moved by everyone who participated; from DJ’s to creators, all the SL residents who stopped by to shop or donate, to the countless hours put in by the organizers. Sometimes I’m so proud of my fellow SL residents, of the connections we make, of the way we support each other. Unhinged is just one of the many ways that continuously proves that Second Life is so much more than just a game or virtual world. I don’t know what it is, and the debate has been had countless times by people far better than me, but whatever we call it the news of what we’ve accomplished here this past few weeks brought tears to my eyes.

Our work isn’t over though, far from it. While Eku recovers in hospital and we wait to see how everything turns out, we can keep on fundraising. Although what we accomplished seems miraculous, it in no way paid for the entire surgery, it only got her to the point that she could have it and the balance is still owing. Unhinged is running until December 15thand we’re in the final week here folks so I wanted to toss in one more incentive for you to come down.

Skulprit Mesh Avatar Pinkie

I’m adorable right? I’m wearing one of a set of four mesh avatars by Skulprit that you can get at Unhinged for only 200L each. You can see the whole set on Bouncer’s Blog here.

The hot air balloon I’m standing in above is just one of the Skulprit vehicles in the gatchas for only 50L a play. There are hoverbikes, hot air balloons, hovercars and biplanes. Probably the most fun you’ll have for 50L in SL. Collect the whole set, or buy some for friends as they are transfer and would make great holiday gifts.  These vehicles aren’t just fun, they are easy to use because they are wearable so the controls are just like walking.

Skulprit BiPlane

I decided to test out my flying machines at the Warbugs headquarters.  Now, not to confuse anyone, these Skulprit mesh vehicles are not scripted to interact with the Warbug crafts but it’s one of the funnest places I know to fly and I always meet great people when I’m there so it was a natural leap for me.

If you aren’t familiar with the Warbugs I really recommend a visit.  There are a variety of vehicles to purchase, to win in the lucky chair, as well as demos if you click the windsock.  You can also purchase the Warbug kit so that you can build your own out of anything that you have mod rights too.  There were a couple fellows there when I stopped in and they showed me all the silly things they turned into Warbugs, including a turtle.  I asked if any of them had tried make a flying bathtub, and though they hadn’t I suspect I may see one on the next visit.

I’m terrible at flying Warbugs, somehow within seconds I’m flying upside down and I’ve yet to shoot a single person.  I suspect a big part of the reason is I’m usually laughing too hard.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  However, the group keeps a website with the weekly leader boards that you can see your score if you want to.  I ranked as a sitting duck from an earlier visit this week, which was actually a pretty accurate description.  I don’t know if it’s my eye hand coordination, or the fact that I’m not comfortable using my WASD to move, but I had the same issues when I tried to use a bow as a panther girl.

Cutest Police Ever

There was a dogfight in progress when I arrived so I stayed out of the way up above in my Skulprit police hovercraft watching the show and I realized that Warbugs are as much fun to watch as they are to fly.  This gave me the idea that other groups could maybe use the Warbugs as community events.  I looked into it, and sure enough, if you buy a Warbug windsock and place it on your sim you can have the same dogfights and track rankings within your group.  How fun would that be?  If you buy the kits, you could even make your own sim specific Warbugs and it would be a great activity for any community or group looking to do something together.  I could even see this as an OOC event on a roleplay sim.  They call these secondary locations Combat Zones and there is a list of them here

You have one week left to visit Unhinged to pick up these Skulprit avatars and vehicles, don’t forget to stop by the other vendors and gatchas while you are there, and it’s looking like we’re going to have a wrap up party on December 15th with DJ’s again.

Warbugs is open all the time so be sure to check them out if you are looking for a new activity.  I’ve found everyone I’ve run into there to be really friendly with just the right dose of silly thrown in.


Skulprit Mesh Avatar Pinkipoo (one of 4 available for 200L at Unhinged)

Skulprit HotBalloon Totoro (one of 10 available for 50L per play in the Gatchas at Unhinged)

Skulprit BiPlane Rising Sun (one of 7 available for 50L per play in the Gatchas at Unhinged)

Skulprit Hovercar PoPo (one of 10 available for 50L per play in the Gatchas at Unhinged)

Unhinged Until December 15th

Warbugs Headquarters

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