The Tower by Rebeca Bashly


I first read about The Tower by Rebeca Bashly on the LEA blog  and in all honesty, I didn’t know what it was. The description is pretty vague.

Tight lipped as to what the installation is about, and setting up an entire SIM in under 24 hours, Rebeca explained, that ‘The Tower’ is symbolic of restrictive areas, of closed minds, of self limitations and the like, as in kids fables.

I added it to my list of places to possibly visit if I get the chance, as I do most of the LEA builds, but it was only when I saw the pictures on Honour McMillians blog  that I became really intrigued. Honour’s photos showed stark concrete walls with figures of the female form which immediately appealed to my love of eerie sensuality, but even the always eloquent writer didn’t really explain what The Tower was, just her reaction to it. Perplexed by this mystery I had to investigate for myself.

I Crawled For You

As I used the flowers to teleport from room to room, standing there myself surrounded by concrete and in awe of the disturbingly beautiful figures I realized why neither the creator nor Honour could really describe this. I can’t either. If anything, I guess I could tell you this is the build that made me speechless.  Well, nearly speechless anyway, I am afterall writing this.
I suspect The Tower is no one thing, that we all see and experience something different as we move through it. I could learn a lesson from Rebeca in this, a lesson that Whiskey recently talked about on the Single Frame Story blog.  It’s not always necessary to explain to people what they are seeing, to tell them the story. Sometimes we can just let them see it for themselves. That’s counter intuitive for me because I love to write, to interact with people, and I’m not yet confident that my images really do that. It feels sort of one sided and I have this belief that the words make it more conversational or collaborative. Clearly I’ve been wrong about that, I know that now, and yet it didn’t really keep me from babbling did it? Ah, progress, she’s slow sometimes.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Rebeca Bashly’s The Tower is only available for the month of December so I suggest you go visit as soon as possible and find out what it says to you.

It’s always a tricky balance when photographing someone’s work. Surely they have an image in mind of how it should look, the lighting, the colors. I’ve taken some creative license with the images I’m posting here, from tweaking the shadows and lighting in SL to get the mood I was feeling, all the way to a layered look. I hope I’ve still done Rebeca’s work justice while using her build to express myself through my images. I have a couple more but they are a little less safe for work so I’ve put them behind the cut. Just click below for the rest of the pictures.

The Ties That Bind

An Offering

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