The Edge of Hazardous in ColdLogic

The notecard and blog post for the latest ColdLogic release was titled “Bad Girls in Great Cardigans”.    I had to smile, that sounded like a perfect inspiration for a blog post.  I love the combination of the pink cardigan with the black and grey dress but even better news is that there is a cardigan only version included so you can wear it with other separates. That’s like getting two outfits in one!

Pink Goes Bad

We all know how dangerous bad girls can be, so a trip to the Hazardous sim that I read about on Ziki’s blog seemed in order.  As you can see from her pictures it’s a lovely build with wild grasses and abandoned buildings but I was inspired to do this whole set with night time lighting to keep with my bad girl concept.


As I jumped (ok, I fell) off the edge of the build I found several little scenes set up in the water.  You know where I’m going with this right?  Edge was the prompt for this week’s Single Frame Story.  I keep telling you guys, these posts create themselves.  I’m just the typist.

The Edge of Madness

Lana del Rey’s Out of Luck, one of my favorite bad girl songs, played no small part in this set as I had it on repeat while doing the pictures.

Dress and Cardigan Combo:  “lutz.bubblegum” NEW from coldLogic
Hair:  “Shine -Colour 08” from [e]likatira
Skin:  “Amberly -Artic Valentine 01” by Glam Affair  (available at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Eye Makeup:  “Thalassa purple – Blue” from PMD (Pin Me Down)
“Hypershine Lipcolor Raspberry Wine” group gift from [mock]
Bracelet:  “One Moment Black Onyx” Bracelet gift from RookHold (RH Designs)
Earrings:  “{Cherry} Mia Nugget Earrings noir dots” available at L’accessoires
Shoes:   “Baby T’s Plain Black” from [PM] Pixel Mode
Mesh Lashes by Al Vulo
Eyes:  Ellis-Lavender from [LeLutka]
Poses:  Del May
Location:  Hazardous

Unified Heart: A Leonard Cohen Art Exhibition in Second Life

I have a confession to make, well maybe two depending how you see things.  The first is that I haven’t spent a lot of time visiting Art Galleries in Second Life.  I’m not sure why, I love looking at images created in Second Life.  I spend hours browsing Flickr, Blogs and Koinup and have several favorite artists but I guess I didn’t really feel that viewing this type of 2d art in Second Life with my avatar would add to that experience.

My next confession is that I’m a big Leonard Cohen fan, always have been, both as a singer and a poet.  It was in fact my love of all things Cohen that actually prompted me to visit the Unified Heart Art Exhibit in Second Life more than my enjoyment of galleries.

Unified Heart 2013

Unified Heart 2013 is the second iteration of this project that challenges Second Life artists to create and image inspired by Cohen’s lyrics.

You can read more about it and the Organizer Morgana Nagorski here  You can view a selection of the works here

I spent a good portion of my afternoon yesterday wandering this gallery and realized that I was wrong.  As much as I do enjoy and will continue to browse various image hosting services to look at SL art, there is something that added to the experience by seeing it in world.  I took the time to wander through the other galleries on the same site and I think I might start adding this to my list of things to do in SL.

I’ve taken pictures of two of my favorite pieces, and to be doubly clear these are NOT my works, these are just images I captured of the Art as it appears at the Exhibit along with the lyrics.

Ballad Of The Absent Mare by Lily Laufer ~ Original SL Art
Ballad Of The Absent Mare by Lily Laufer

In My Secret Life by Petra Messioptra ~ Original SL Art
In My Secret Life by Petra Messioptra

Petra is an artist I already follow on Flickr so it was quite a treat to see her work like this.

If you have a bit of time, I highly recommend stopping by Unified Heart which runs until April 21.

You might want to play some of your favorite Cohen works while you visit, it definitely adds to the imagery.

Courting My Muse at Ukulhas Island

Twice this week I logged in, no small feat in itself lately, and I had not only an inspiration, but a plan.  I wanted to finish the photoshoot and story that I gave of hint of in my Create a Character Challenge.  Location, check.  Outfit, check.  Poses, check.  Inspiration, check.  Then it happened.  Distraction.

Those are the moments I wish I had more experience being in touch with my creative side, a stronger bond with my muse, but alas when I pause to deal with the distraction I look back and she’s gone.  A fickle thing she is, possessive too, she refuses to share me anyone or anything.  If I even momentarily give my attention to something else she leaves me, sometimes for days.  The harder I chase or the tighter I hold, the more fleeting she becomes.


Both times I logged off because there isn’t much point lingering, once she leaves she won’t be back and her sudden departures tend to make me sullen and snarky.  It feels a lot like being stood up.  Sure you could do something else, but who wants to?  I can’t, I won’t, blame anyone else but myself.  I’m sure that most people can multitask, create and socialize at the same time, but I’m not one of them.

Second Life viewers gives us tools like marking ourselves as busy or autoresponse, but those don’t work well for me.  Much like a ringing phone, I have to answer it.  Even if I decide not to answer, to let it go to voice mail, two minutes later I’m checking messages anyway.  Same thing for IMs, notices and group chat; it’s just not possible for me to just ignore them.  For the thousandth time I find myself wishing Second Life was like so many other programs out there and gave you the ability to log in but appear offline.  To be invisible for a time.

Muses in the Night Sky

I love my friends and the people in my virtual world, but my own inability to multitask means I sometimes have to revert to plan B, the non entity.  I don’t call it my alt, though I do have several of those, my non entity is a shell account created solely for those times I need to get something done.  It has no friend list, no profile, no inventory.

A downside of my non-entity is that I can’t photograph my avatar, not unless I want to show off the latest library items, but it gives me the freedom to explore locations and get ideas to use in future posts.  This time, rather than stockpile those ideas and return with my regular avatar, I let the environment itself be the subject.

Muses in the Wild

These were taken at Ukulhas Island, a wonderful build filled with whimsy and inspiration.  I particularly like that it has poseballs and dances hidden here and there.  Locations with things to click and opportunities to be part of environment always make me feel more comfortable.  Like a bench at museum I guess, it invites the viewer to make themselves at home instead of just standing there looking at the art.

As usual, I’ve taken a considerable amount of liberty with windlight, angles and draw distance so I encourage you to visit and see it yourself.  You never know what you might glimpse out of the corner of your eye.

Ukulhas Island

Create a Character Challenge Issued

When I was an avid roleplayer, and I mean a daily full immersive player, genre specific content was more important to me than I can express. My character was so solidified in my brain that I could see a hairstyle and know if it was “her” or not. I went years without owning a pair of shoes because my character didn’t wear them in Gor.

Conversely, content was often the inspiration to the characters I created. Another of my more Urban characters had a pair of silly crayon boots that became her signature item. As an aspiring young reporter, she’d use the crayons she stored in her boots to draw pictures and make notes of the things her fragile mental health couldn’t handle. Entire scenes and stories began with those boots, as have lasting friendships.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I wanted to celebrate the occasion but in a different way, my way, by acknowledging my First and True Love, roleplay.

So I’m issuing a Blogger Challenge and I’m hoping at least a few pick it up because this isn’t just about me, it’s about acknowledging the bond between content and roleplay. Creators need customers for their content, consumers need somewhere to wear or use the items, sims need a player base, but those players need content in order for the genre and stories to stay fresh and so they need creators to make it.

I’ve recently felt that there seems to be less themed or genre specific content than there used to be, but I’m happy to be proven wrong and perhaps it’s out there but not as well publicized or advertised or blogged as mainstream fashion content.  So I send you all out on a quest, the Create A Character Challenge:

1)     Put together a character with a theme or genre in mind.  There are no rules or limits, it could be a Vampire Queen or a Mad Steampunk Scientist, a Gorean Physician or a Greek Goddess, a hundred year old Pixie or an orphan trying to survive in a Post Apocalyptic time.  It doesn’t even have to be a specified roleplay genre, it could be inspired by any of the various cultures and groups we have in Second Life from Furries to Petites.

2)    Include a small biography of your character.  Again no limits, just your own imagination and comfort with writing.  It could be a narrator sharing a back story or a first person emote as your character introduces itself.

3)    As a bonus extra challenge, if you chose to accept, find a place in Second Life where your character would exist.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual roleplay sim, just share some pictures of any location that seems to suit the theme of your character.

There is no time limit, and you can do more than one if you like.  Feel free to post the links to your blog in the comments here and add your pictures to the Flickr Group Existing roleplayers and non bloggers are more than welcome to show off their character by adding a picture and bio to the pool.

Please credit as many items as possible and the sim locations so we can help be part of the cycle I mention in my intro.

As inspiration, here is a sneak preview of the character I am creating for this challenge. 

Sheer Circuit

Meet Cyrenn, the pleasurebot.  On the surface she seems much like the others of her kind; pleasant, eager to serve, without inhibitions but built into her eyepiece is a bomb dialed into one man’s DNA.  She is unaware of her purpose, she had to be, her creators couldn’t risk giving their target any advance warning.

I will post more about her soon, but here are some temporary  credits until I complete the challenge post:

Outfit “Sheer Circuit Cybersuit” from GALLACTIC.
Hair: “Demonia” from Alice Project
Collar: HelloSpaceGirl
Skin: Nuuna
Eye Piece:  Fairlock Industries
Location Hangars Liquide  secondlife://HANGARS%2520LIQUIDES/135/138/2227

I hope you have fun with this challenge and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the themed, niche and genre specific content and locations out there.