Create a Character Challenge Issued

When I was an avid roleplayer, and I mean a daily full immersive player, genre specific content was more important to me than I can express. My character was so solidified in my brain that I could see a hairstyle and know if it was “her” or not. I went years without owning a pair of shoes because my character didn’t wear them in Gor.

Conversely, content was often the inspiration to the characters I created. Another of my more Urban characters had a pair of silly crayon boots that became her signature item. As an aspiring young reporter, she’d use the crayons she stored in her boots to draw pictures and make notes of the things her fragile mental health couldn’t handle. Entire scenes and stories began with those boots, as have lasting friendships.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I wanted to celebrate the occasion but in a different way, my way, by acknowledging my First and True Love, roleplay.

So I’m issuing a Blogger Challenge and I’m hoping at least a few pick it up because this isn’t just about me, it’s about acknowledging the bond between content and roleplay. Creators need customers for their content, consumers need somewhere to wear or use the items, sims need a player base, but those players need content in order for the genre and stories to stay fresh and so they need creators to make it.

I’ve recently felt that there seems to be less themed or genre specific content than there used to be, but I’m happy to be proven wrong and perhaps it’s out there but not as well publicized or advertised or blogged as mainstream fashion content.  So I send you all out on a quest, the Create A Character Challenge:

1)     Put together a character with a theme or genre in mind.  There are no rules or limits, it could be a Vampire Queen or a Mad Steampunk Scientist, a Gorean Physician or a Greek Goddess, a hundred year old Pixie or an orphan trying to survive in a Post Apocalyptic time.  It doesn’t even have to be a specified roleplay genre, it could be inspired by any of the various cultures and groups we have in Second Life from Furries to Petites.

2)    Include a small biography of your character.  Again no limits, just your own imagination and comfort with writing.  It could be a narrator sharing a back story or a first person emote as your character introduces itself.

3)    As a bonus extra challenge, if you chose to accept, find a place in Second Life where your character would exist.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual roleplay sim, just share some pictures of any location that seems to suit the theme of your character.

There is no time limit, and you can do more than one if you like.  Feel free to post the links to your blog in the comments here and add your pictures to the Flickr Group Existing roleplayers and non bloggers are more than welcome to show off their character by adding a picture and bio to the pool.

Please credit as many items as possible and the sim locations so we can help be part of the cycle I mention in my intro.

As inspiration, here is a sneak preview of the character I am creating for this challenge. 

Sheer Circuit

Meet Cyrenn, the pleasurebot.  On the surface she seems much like the others of her kind; pleasant, eager to serve, without inhibitions but built into her eyepiece is a bomb dialed into one man’s DNA.  She is unaware of her purpose, she had to be, her creators couldn’t risk giving their target any advance warning.

I will post more about her soon, but here are some temporary  credits until I complete the challenge post:

Outfit “Sheer Circuit Cybersuit” from GALLACTIC.
Hair: “Demonia” from Alice Project
Collar: HelloSpaceGirl
Skin: Nuuna
Eye Piece:  Fairlock Industries
Location Hangars Liquide  secondlife://HANGARS%2520LIQUIDES/135/138/2227

I hope you have fun with this challenge and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the themed, niche and genre specific content and locations out there.

21 comments on “Create a Character Challenge Issued

  1. Googled ‘Second Life Blogger Challenges’ and found your blog through NWN 🙂 Great article and RP was what drew me to SL as well.. can’t wait to get started! Thank you for an awesome challenge..

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  3. I am creating a webcomic using images from SL and I’m always looking for people who can help me create characters for the comic. It’s hard sci fi with a western feel to it (think: Firefly, Outland or even Alien). You can see the comic here: and if you’re interested in creating a chracter for the comic you can IM me in SL – my SL name is Vooper Werribee (my display name is my RL name: Darren Green)

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  5. You’re very much welcome Pancake – and I’d really love it if you or your readers who were inspired by this challenge and wanted to try more character design would contact me. I’m always in need of new characters for my interactive webcomic and the quality of the characters created on your blog is incredible. Please contact me: Vooper Werribee (display name: Darren Green) in SL.

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