Unified Heart: A Leonard Cohen Art Exhibition in Second Life

I have a confession to make, well maybe two depending how you see things.  The first is that I haven’t spent a lot of time visiting Art Galleries in Second Life.  I’m not sure why, I love looking at images created in Second Life.  I spend hours browsing Flickr, Blogs and Koinup and have several favorite artists but I guess I didn’t really feel that viewing this type of 2d art in Second Life with my avatar would add to that experience.

My next confession is that I’m a big Leonard Cohen fan, always have been, both as a singer and a poet.  It was in fact my love of all things Cohen that actually prompted me to visit the Unified Heart Art Exhibit in Second Life more than my enjoyment of galleries.

Unified Heart 2013

Unified Heart 2013 is the second iteration of this project that challenges Second Life artists to create and image inspired by Cohen’s lyrics.

You can read more about it and the Organizer Morgana Nagorski here http://drhguy.com/2013/01/04/unified-heart-2013-second-life-leonard-cohen-art/.  You can view a selection of the works here http://fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2013/01/unified-heart-2013-a-homage-to-leonard-cohen/

I spent a good portion of my afternoon yesterday wandering this gallery and realized that I was wrong.  As much as I do enjoy and will continue to browse various image hosting services to look at SL art, there is something that added to the experience by seeing it in world.  I took the time to wander through the other galleries on the same site and I think I might start adding this to my list of things to do in SL.

I’ve taken pictures of two of my favorite pieces, and to be doubly clear these are NOT my works, these are just images I captured of the Art as it appears at the Exhibit along with the lyrics.

Ballad Of The Absent Mare by Lily Laufer ~ Original SL Art
Ballad Of The Absent Mare by Lily Laufer

In My Secret Life by Petra Messioptra ~ Original SL Art
In My Secret Life by Petra Messioptra

Petra is an artist I already follow on Flickr so it was quite a treat to see her work like this.

If you have a bit of time, I highly recommend stopping by Unified Heart which runs until April 21.


You might want to play some of your favorite Cohen works while you visit, it definitely adds to the imagery.

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